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Library & Curriculum Resources

Library Resources

Stop by either library location to get a password for these online databases. Student Resources in Context, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Culturegrams, County Reports, and Milestone Documents do not require a password when students and staff are on the GRACE campus.

K-6 (Raleigh Campus) Online Resources: 

  • Country Reports: Information about states and countries around the world for grades 3-12. 
  • Culturegrams: Information about states and countries around the world for grades 3-12. 
  • Encyclopedia Britannica: 3 general reference encyclopedias for graces K-12.    
  • Encyclopedia Britannica ImageQuest: Images database for grades K-12.          
  • FactCite: Biographies on sports figures, Roman and Greek mythology, and other famous figures for grades 2-12.  Just added: Biographies for Beginners, geared for grades 2-5, and information about states for grades 2-12. 
  • PebbleGo: Animals, Biographies, Social Sciences, and Earth/Space information especially for Kindergarten through 4th grade. 
  • PowerKnowledge: Life sciences, physical sciences, and earth/space science especially for grades 4-8. 
  • Student Resources in Context: Good general database for 6th-12th grade that has current information on many topics. 

7-12 (Crossroads Campus) Online Resources: 

Mrs. Gehringer and Mrs. Warmke also encourage all students to use the Wake County Public Library databases or Johnston County databases.  All students are required to have a current public library card in the county where they live. 

Print Resoures

The Raleigh Campus Library and the Crossroads Library have a variety of print resources.  To search them, use the library’s catalog, called Destiny.  Destiny allows students and families to search the library catalog from home using a Web browser and an Internet connection. 

Curriculum Resources: Links to Online Textbooks

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