E4 Technology Initiative

E4 Initiative Press Release

GRACE Christian School, a K-12 college-preparatory school in Raleigh, is excited and proud to announce a new digital transformation designed to accelerate education through technology for all students in kindergarten through twelfth grades. Beginning August 2011, the new E4 initiative will provide MacBook laptops for each student in 5th through 12th grades for school and home use, a classroom-use MacBook laptop for each 4th grader, and a SMARTBoard interactive system for each kindergarten through 3rd grade classroom.

The vision is to embrace technology in all areas of the school and transform the classroom into a digital learning environment. The goal of the E4 initiative is to Embrace technology to better Engage and Empower students to Excel as lifelong learners. The initiative will enhance the current curriculum and equip, challenge, and inspire students as 21st century learners to impact their world for Christ. The E4 initiative aligns with and advances GRACE’s mission, vision, and core values.

The technology goals for GRACE align with the National Education Technology Standards for the Digital-Age Classroom. E4 will dramatically advance student learning and increase opportunities for collaboration and differentiated instruction. Technology tools will be used to challenge students in higher-level thinking skills, inspire students to become lifelong learners, and prepare GRACE students for digital citizenship.