Handbook & Forms

Do you need to know about faculty qualifications, student athletics, or how to get involved with the school as a parent? Then you need the GRACE Parent/Student Handbook! Most of your questions about GRACE can be answered by reading the Parent/Student Handbook.

The GRACE Parent/Student Handbook contains a wealth of information about GRACE's mission, vision, procedures, policies and forms. Each parent and student is required to be familar with its contents and to follow the policies and practices stated in the handbook.

2013-2014 Parent / Student Handbook: K-12

2013-2014 Athletic Handbook


Crossroads Campus Carpool Map

Conduct Commitment Form

Dance Guest Form

Drop/Add Form (Crossroads Campus only)

Field Trip Permission Form

Community Service Form

Emergency Information Record

Food/Allergy Checklist/Action Plan

Notice of Planned Absence Form : Please print out and bring to the office

Request for Medication Administration

Student Parking Registration

Upper School Early Dismissal Form

Volunteer Application


Athletics Related Forms:

Athletic Release and Physical Form

Pursuing Victory With Honor Contracts

Driver Form

GRACE Logo Wear Order Form
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