Learning Enrichment & Achievement Program (LEAP)

Policies & Procedures



To provide support within the GRACE community to equip, challenge, and inspire students with varied learning needs to achieve academic success.


LEAP serves GRACE students who have been evaluated by a licensed psychologist or physician for a learning disability, processing deficit, ADHD, or other condition affecting their ability to achieve success in the standard classroom environment.   Students admitted to LEAP must be able to function in a regular classroom environment in a manner modeling GRACE code of conduct and the ability to meet academic standards for their grade level with approved accommodations.  Eventually the program will expand to serve students who have special academic gifting in one or more academic areas.  Specifications are forthcoming.

Program Criteria

  1. Cannot accept more than 10% of total student body into the program (no more than 10% per grade level)
  2. Current GRACE students have priority for acceptance into the program
  3. The respective principal and the LD Specialist will determine admittance into the program and identify services to be offered.
  4. Academic tutoring for students that are not enrolled in LEAP is not part of this program.

Student Entrance Criteria

  1. Below grade level (not more than 2 grade levels), failing or near-failing grades in one or more subjects.  
  2. Has obtained a diagnostic evaluation (within three years) from a licensed physician or psychologist that shows demonstrated need for the program (this must remain current).
  3. Submit all previous testing materials to GRACE prior to program admittance.
  4. IQ scores must fall within the average range.
  5. GRACE reserves the right to determine a students ability to meet rigorous academic standards and the programs ability to accommodate student needs.

Student Exit(Dismissal) From Program

  1. Student is demonstrating the ability to pass courses without accommodations and support services.
  2. Diagnostic re-evaluation stating that there is no longer a disability or need for services.
  3. Teacher observations of misuse of the program.
  4. Parent removal from program. A contract and parent signature will be required.



For Students already enrolled at GRACE

  1. Parent and classroom teacher discuss concern
  2. Classroom teacher receives signed Observation and Assessment Consent Form from the parent.
  3. The classroom teacher will then submit a Teacher Questionnaire Referral form to the LD Specialist.
  4. The LD Specialist will contact the child’s parents, set up a classroom observation, and obtain permission to conduct screening.
  5. The LD Specialist will provide reports to the principal, parents, and teacher regarding findings from the internal observations and documentation.
  6. If a specific learning disability, processing problem, or developmental need is suspected, parents will be referred to a licensed child psychologist or physician for a comprehensive evaluation.
  7. Once testing results are received, they will be reviewed by the principal, teacher and LD Specialist to determine what services can be provided.
  8. The LD Specialist, teacher, and principal will meet with the parents and student (when appropriate) to develop an Academic Support Plan and appropriate fees will be charged for services.
  9. Quarterly progress notes will be sent home for the parents’ review.
  10. If program services ARE needed and the parent declines, a waiver will be signed.
  11. Students applying to CollegeBoard and ACT for accommodations need to be part of LEAP and a ASP will be developed.

For New Students

  1. If the child has already been evaluated, a copy of the evaluation must be submitted with the application
  2. The principal and LD specialist will assess whether or not a specific grade level can receive more LD students.
  3. If the child has not yet been evaluated and the principal suspects a learning difficulty after reviewing the initial application for admission, the LD specialist will be notified and given the student’s application to review.
  4. After reviewing the application, the LD specialist and principal will discuss whether the child requires further testing.  
  5. If further testing is required, the LD specialist will contact the family to request the child obtain an educational evaluation.
  6. LD specialist will contact principal to discuss results of evaluations and recommendations for the family which may include further psychological testing.
  7. LD Specialist will conduct and/or participate in the admissions interview
  8. LD specialist will meet with the family to discuss results of testing and recommendations
  9. If psychological testing is needed it must be completed before acceptance into the school or LEAP.
  10. If determined that the program is necessary for the child’s success in the school setting, the LD specialist, parent, and child’s teacher will meet to discuss recommendations and a Academic Support Plan will be developed.
  11. If a student is admitted to GRACE contingent on their participation in LEAP, they must complete one year of the program or obtain administrative approval prior to exiting. 
  12. Students applying to CollegeBoard and ACT for accommodations need to be part of LEAP and a ASP will be developed.