Learning Enrichment & Achievement Program (LEAP)


Accommodation Plan ($300/year) 

Classroom accommodations will be made by the LD specialist based upon the recommendations of a licensed psychologist or physician in the students comprehensive evaluation.  These accommodations include any consistent changes made to the child’s academic plan.  All accommodations are met within the classroom setting to allow the child successful completion of all academic requirements.  


Academic Support Class ($875/year)

An Academic Support Class is available for a limited number of students in all grades. In a small group of up to six students, a LEAP instructor provides assistance as needed in study skills, test preparation, homework assignments, and reinforcement of classroom instruction. Close communication is fostered among the Support Class instructor, the classroom teacher, and the student's parents. The instructor also monitors the implementation and progress of any classroom accommodations based on formal testing.  This class meets 2 times/week and includes the Accommodation Plan stated above.


Elementary School Modified Instruction (fees vary by service)

Small Group Instruction in Language Arts or Math ($1450)

Small Group Instruction in Language Arts and Math ($2500)

Small group instruction is available with a limited number of students in each group to work on modified curriculum for Language Arts and Math.  The fees charged for this service include Academic Support as needed and a classroom Accommodation Plan.


Secondary School Modified Curriculum 

This service allows for the classroom teachers to modify coursework required in order for the student to achieve academic success.  This service will include enrollment in the academic support class and an accommodation plan.  Middle School classes where the teacher modifies the product (outcome) for a student will have this designated on their report card.  A High School class where the teacher modifies the product (outcome) will show on the transcript as a modified class. Students with one or more modified classes will not qualify for A/B Honor Roll or Principal’s List. If a student has more than one modified class, they will receive the College Tech Prep graduation diploma.