Student Life

Student Government

GRACE Student Council provides leadership for many school-wide activities and events. Representatives are elected in grades 3-12. Officers are elected from middle and high school.

At the high school level, students must demonstrate strong leadership skills in order to run for elections. They must have a clear testimony of their faith, and have a strong desire to work for their school community. They are interviewed before they are considered for each position. Then they are elected by popular vote, based on their campaign. They are required to deliver speeches in front of their peers. They are held to a high level of conduct both in their personal lives as well as their academic achievement. The executive council meets monthly to discuss events and current student issues. They also meet with the head of school periodically, in order to communicate concerns or ideas with the administration.

Student Council sponsors the school's annual participation in Samaritan's Purse, the Students Against Hunger Food Drive, and other schoolwide service projects. They also organize a September dance, and a Homecoming formal event. In addition, they help build school spirit by implementing activities such as spirit week (Homecoming) and class pride color days. This year, they have created a brand new event. They are hosting a Fall Festival which will raise money and awareness for a veterans' organizations. (organization is to be determined... will let you know when we have figured that out) Each year, the executive council will choose an organization or ministry to "adopt" for the entire school year.

Faculty advisors are Pascale Rivard Fitts and Mandy Gill

2013-2014 GRACE Christian School Student Council Members

Executive Council:

President - Dominic Ysidron

Vice-President - Molly Martin

Secretary- Hannah Carroll

Chaplain - John Jagt

Treasurer - Josh Carpenter

Sergeant at Arms - Michael Hegar and Kenny Rousselo

Student Activities Coordinators - Harrison Huntley and Ally Jordan


Class Representatives

12th grade reps - Alex Ash, Ashley Campbell, and John Green

11th grade reps - Marley Freund, and David McLain (*Volunteers*)

10th grade reps - Lauren Armpriester, Isobel Brooks, Jamie Oesterling

9th grade reps - Margaret Debruhl, and Chris Scro

8th grade rep - Olivia Payne, Noble Brantley (volunteer)

7th grade rep - Molly Church


Student Council for the Raleigh Campus is comprised of representatives (who are elected from each third through sixth grade homeroom) and officers (president, vice-president, secretary, and chaplain).  Sixth grade students hold all officer positions.  The K-6 Student Council is responsible for leading pledges and prayer each morning on the public address system and in special chapels and assemblies.  The Student Council meets weekly and leads community outreach and mission projects for the kindergarten through sixth grade students.  They, also, operate the School Store.

Lee Robinson - President
Madison Rank - Vice President
Keylie Hendges - Secretary
Samantha Saenz - Chaplain

Jake Sanservino - 3rd Grade Representative

Payton Chapman - 3rd Grade Representative

Anna Duffy - 3rd Grade Representative

Bradley Obusek - 4th Grade Representative

Katie Arledge - 4th Grade Representative

Joshua Moore - 4th Grade Representative

Paul Pavlidis - 5th Grade Representative

Mo Willard - 5th Grade Representative

Kathryn Robinson - 5th Grade Representative

Nia White - 6th Grade Representative

Jacqueline Bruton - 6th Grade Representative

Allie Carmack - 6th Grade Representative


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