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Summer Camp

For 30 years, GRACE Christian School has been serving the local community as a fully accredited college preparatory Christian school by equipping, challenging, and inspiring students to impact their world for Christ.  We are excited to expand our influence in the community through the GRACE Summer Camp program.  

The 2014 GRACE Summer Camp - "CAMP Wildness" - program strives to offer its campers the highest quality camp experience in the Cary/Raleigh area conducted  in a loving Christian environment. We welcome all students who are K-5th during the 2013-2014 school year.   

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES:  GRACE Camp Wildness is searching for amazing Christian summer camp staff. We are seeking experienced professionals with CPR & First Aid certifications, who do camp because they love making a difference in the lives of children. Send completed applications to 801 Buck Jones Road, Raleigh, NC 27606.  Questions about employement can be sent to summercamp@gracechristian.net. The following positions are available:

  • Assistant Director
  • Counselors
  • Cooking Camp Lead Counselor


Register for specific camps here. Note, you will be prompted to create an account when you check out with your camp selections.  If you already have an online account for Camp Wildness, you can access it here.

2014 CAMP WILDNESS DESCRIPTIONS (printable version)

Lego Robotics: Campers will learn the basics of the lego robotics system, and use their new skills to design, build, and program their own robots. Step-by-step instructions will NOT be provided: campers are required to make their own creative solutions to challenges, using their skills of spatial reasoning and programming fluency. Through comprehensive hands-on personal instruction, they will develop the skills they need to accomplish the presented goals. Each student shares a lego robotics set with a partner, so learning to work as a team is just as important as learning to make a robot. Each week of Lego Robotics has a different specialization, after the general education of the basic systems. 

  • Week One (June 2-6) - Digital Life focuses on the robots’ nature as developing constructs, by having the students create predator/prey relations between different robots. Two teams will be tasked with creating predator robots that pursue and capture prey (or other predator!) robots. The other three teams will be assigned the task of creating successful prey robots that evade capture. Therefore, the designs of the robots will change and improve as the teams learn more about Lego robotics, and as the robots they compete with develop.
  • Week Two (June 16-20) - Advanced Computing of Lego Robotics focuses on the creation of complex software for robots. The smarter machines will accomplish more complex tasks, like retrieval of different objects, and cooperation with other robots during the test.
  • Week Three (June 23-27) - Advanced Constructs will feature advanced construction challenges and techniques, requiring creative use of the legos included in the set. Emphasis will be placed on alternate modes of manipulation and transportation, such as claw arms and fully functional legs. Challenges will be focused on obstacle courses, with robots needing to move around, over, or through obstructions.
  • Week Four (July 14-18) - Multi-Robot Cooperation will fully explore the possibilities of robot-to-robot communication, requiring several or all of the robots to cooperate to accomplish complex tasks.
  • Week Five (July 21-25) Robot Competition will focus on direct competition between the robots. Two robots are placed in a ring: the first robot to incapacitate the other robot or remove it from the ring is the winner. This is not done in a formal “bracket” type of competition: instead, combats are simply test runs to continually improve and develop all the robots into increasingly more efficient designs. At the end of the week, campers will be able to construct, program, and repair their robot, using compact construction, efficient bug-free code, and familiarity with the Lego Mindstorms system.

Video Game Design

  • 1: Basics of Programming (June 9-13): Campers will learn the simple but versatile drag-and-drop programming language of Scratch, a program designer created by MIT students. Students will create their own games from scratch, exploring concepts of game design while they create and bug fix their own code, and help other students fix theirs. By the end of the course, they will have a functional understanding of Scratch, and a useful knowledge of how programs in general function.
  • 2: Advanced Game Design (July 7-11): This camp is designed for campers who understand how Scratch works, and are ready to learn and apply tenets of game design to their programs. Aesthetics, game balance, and game challenge will be explored in depth: rather than making mere proof-of-concept programs, campers will be able to create fully functional mini-games by the end of the week.

Art Camp: Pet’opia (June 23-27): Furred, feathered or scaled, our loving pets are a big part of our lives. Learn to draw five animals that can share our homes, The most popular pets are likely dogs and cats, but people also keep house rabbits guinea pigs, turtles, tropical fish and arthropod pets like hermit crabs. Each morning we will draw, render our drawing in either chalk pastel, oil pastel, water color, markers and acrylic paint.Afternoons will be spent creating a 3D project either, clay, paper mâche or construction paper. These projects and medium are open to change and teachers interpretation.

Art Camp: Under the African Sky (July 21-25): In this camp, children learn to draw enthralling African animals : the speedy cheetah, the naughty baboon, the legendary croc, the serious looking cape buffalo and cute meerkat and his family. Folklore, legend, and handmade crafts round out our African adventure. Each morning we will draw, render our drawing in either chalk pastel, oil pastel, water color, markers and acrylic paint. Afternoons will be spent creating a 3D project either, clay, paper mâche or construction paper. These projects and medium are open to change and teachers interpretation.

Carolina RailHawks Soccer (June 9-13, July 14-18): LEARN FROM THE PROS! Carolina RailHawks summer camps are instructional soccer camps conducted by current professional RailHawks players and coaches.  The camps are designed to improve a player's technical skills and tactical understanding of the game in a fun, positive and encouraging environment that stretches each player's current capabilities and fosters creativity in their play. 

Cheer Camp with Alpha Athletics (June 9-13): Alpha Athletics is a educational and fun introduction to cheerleading. Our goal is to focus on coaching children and teens in the fundamentals of cheerleading, as well as, to instill developmental skills that will be important tools in life. Our program develops teamwork and a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Cooking Camp (June 23-27): This cooking camp will allow children to become more familiar with cooking basics through learning age appropriate skills they can later use in their families. The children will be able to take home their creations as well as sample them. Children will be taught math concepts through counting and measuring of ingredients, introduced to nutrition and food groups, and encouraged in cooperation skills from taking turns while preparing recipes.

Comic & Animation (June 23-27): Ever thought about creating your own comic book series or an animated movie or show? This course teaches the fundamentals of creating original comics and animations. You will develop creative characters and place them in exciting adventures. Students learn how to draw in the comic style and also learn to create online animations.

Golf Pros (July 7-11): A Golf Squad is the most professionally instructed, convenient, and organized way of bringing golf education to school aged children. All Golf Squads are taught by golf industry professionals only. In a social and fun environment, students learn the vocabulary, etiquette, safety, social and technical aspects necessary to enjoy golf for a lifetime. 

Networks Basketball (June 16-20): NetWorks teach individual excellence in basketball and in life. What are your goals for your game? With the guidance of our professional basketball coaches, you can achieve them.  NetWorks Basketball is a non-profit organization, founded on Christian principles and dedicated to helping each player realize his or her individual basketball potential by encouraging a belief in personal responsibility, instilling habits of hard work and demonstrating a passionate commitment to excellence.

Sculpture (June 16-20): Students will delve into sculpture, learning about different types of sculpture. They will have fun exploring hand building with clay, assemblage and mixed media techniques. They will work to create one individual piece to go home, and a large group sculpture to stay here at GRACE.

Summer of Champions (June 23-27): ROAR presents this high energy camp. Created by camp director Carl Brienzi, this camp is for kids who can’t get enough sports. Sign up with your team, or we’ll put you on one. Teams compete every day, in many sports. We do it all. Be warned, your child might be so worn out that they fall asleep at dinner. Parents are invited to join us to see a game at the DBAP! If your family sticks around after the game, your kids can run the bases. This is a camp for the record books!

Tiger Rock Tae Kwon Do (June 16-20): Youth love to participate in this highly energetic, fun, and functional activity.  More importantly youth at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts engage in the activities that help improve their cognitive, social, and motor skills during the most important developmental stages of their lives.  Tiger-Rock Taekwondo is a perfect activity that blends the advantages of both art and athletics and provides participants with an equal opportunity to advance their skills since no one ever “sits the bench”.

Tiger-Rock believes in developing the leaders of tomorrow by giving participants the training to learn self-discipline, focus, listening skills, and self-control.  These elements are essential in creating the skills and motivation needed to experience success in later years and better grades now.  Tiger-Rock also believes in creating a strong sense of commitment to community through citizenship and service.  Tiger-Rock Taekwondo for youth is built on the solid principles of our tenets: Honor, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Courage, Community, Strength, Humility and Knowledge. 

Triangle Rock Club Rock Climbing (July 14-18): Climbing camps provide an adventure that’s perfect for kids. Climbing builds more than physical fitness; problem-solving on our walls instills confidence, tenacity, and independence. At the same time, the partnerships formed here encourage good sportsmanship and teamwork. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff teach campers to climb safely, sharing with them an unforgettable adventure. Our state-of-the-art facility provides a fun, safe, and supportive environment where kids thrive. Keep your children engaged, happy, and learning in our camps.

GRACE Themed Camps: For the camps listed below, on days that the camp is not on a field trip, campers swim at the Triangle Aquatic Center. The kids love swimming alongside their counselors and friends in our own sections of the program and instructional pool.

  • Safari (June 2-6): This GRACE camp is based on the theme of going on a safari. Daily activities will be based on the theme. Highlights of the week include a “Zoo to You” in-house field trip (hands on with live animals), NC Museum of Natural Science in house field trip (hands on with live animals), a trip to the Zoo, and a trip to NC Museum of Natural Science.  This camp is how we kick off a fantastic summer.
  • Mad Science (June 9-13): This GRACE camp is based on the theme science. Daily activities will be based on the theme. Highlights for the week include a Suzy Science in-house field trip, and a trip to the Durham Museum of Life and Science. This is no experiment, your kids will love it!
  • Gold Rush (June 16-20): This GRACE camp is all about life in the country. Daily activities will be based on the theme. Highlights for the week include a trip to Hill Ridge Farms. Last year we had so much fun that this year we will be spending the whole day! This camp promises to really be worth it’s weight in gold!
  • At the Movies (June 23-27): This GRACE camp is based on movie themes. While the chefs, artists, and athletes are off in their camps this week, we’ll relax and watch some movies.  Each day the themes, dressing up, and activities will be based on that day’s movie. Highlights for the week include a trip to the movie theater.  Who doesn’t love relaxing with a good movie?
  • Patriotic (June 30-July 3): This GRACE camp is based on the theme of the 4th of July. Daily activities will be based on the theme. Highlights for the week include a couple of trips to the park. This camp is a great way to get ready for the 4th.