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Missions Trips

Crossroads Campus Missions Trip to Costa Rica

In April 2014, twenty-three GRACE high school students, 2 teachers, the secondary school assistant principal Isaiah Whelpley, and secondary school principal Mandy Gill have the opportunity to take a trip to Costa Rica with the organizations, Casa Viva and LeaderTreks. Casa Viva helps abandoned children find a mother and father or new place to live and is also the organization the students will be working with. While the team is in Costa Rica they will be doing work projects and spreading the love of Jesus in the local communities. They will also be putting on sports camps and participating in street outreaches.

The GRACE team has partnered with LeaderTreks, an evangelical outreach organization that provides legal and logistical information within countries. LeaderTreks allows groups similar to GRACE to partner and to serve easily. They will send 4 leaders with the team.

“My favorite part of Costa Rica was seeing the children’s faces light up as we performed skits, sang songs, did crafts, and spent time with them. Even though we went to show them Christ’s love, the children impacted us in more ways than we expected: by loving us even though we couldn’t speak their language.”

“Getting a chance to be pushed to lead our peers and grow as a team was the coolest part of the trip for me. They challenged us to problem solve and do each piece of the work projects on our own as we worked as a team.”

“One of my favorite parts about Costa Rica was having the opportunity to serve a local neighborhood through different work projects. Watching those sweet people’s faces light up just because we did something as simple as repairing their sidewalks was a constant reminder for me to find a reason to have joy in every circumstance.”


Crossroads Campus Domestic Missions Trip to Kentucky:

In October 2013, a group of seventh and eighth grade students at GRACE got a chance to serve the people of Manchester, Kentucky on a domestic missions trip. Again in April, 2014, GRACE will be sending a group of high school students to serve at the same location. Partnering with an organization called God’s Closet and LeaderTreks, students are able to learn practical leadership skills while serving the community and growing in their relationship with God. During the week, the team spreads God’s love to the community by completing a service project. They also learn more about God through devotions and grow as a team in daily team times.

“I thought this trip would be us sharing the Gospel with others, but really, it’s been about the Gospel growing in me.”