Learning Enrichment & Achievement Program (LEAP)

The Learning Enrichment and Achievement Program (LEAP) is available for children who have been evaluated and determined to need further academic assistance in order to achieve success in school. Resource Tutoring is also available for those students who do not have a diagnosed learning need but may need additional academic support. In the near future, this program will also offer additional academic challenges and opportunities for those gifted in one or more academic areas.

If you feel your child may benefit from LEAP services, please contact Marion Driver for K-6th grade students or Beth Hancock for 7-12th grade students.

The LEAP Team:

K-6: Marion Driver, Chris Badenchini

7-12: Beth Hancock, Pascale Fitts


Accommodation Plan ($300/year)  Classroom accommodations will be made by the LD specialist based upon the recommendations of a licensed psychologist or physician in the students...

Policies & Procedures

  Purpose  To provide support within the GRACE community to equip, challenge, and inspire students with varied learning needs to achieve academic success. Policies...