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21st Century GRACE

Welcome! We are the IT Department at GRACE Christian School in Raleigh, NC. We have had an Apple machine 1:1 program now for four years, and we decided that we’d really like to share some of our successes, failures, and general thoughts on technology in education. Before we talk about YouTube for Schools, Chromebooks, professional development, and other fun tech-y things, allow me to introduce all of us:

Diane: Diane gets to go first because she’s been here the longest: 12 years. Diane was a visionary behind our 1:1 program, i.e. E4. She’s a technology integrationist extraordinaire, specializing in helping our Transitional Kindergarten (TK)-Sixth grade teachers use technology in their classrooms. She also does technology professional development with TK-6th grade AND helps troubleshoot technology issues on her campus.

Sean: Sean is our IT Director and another long serving member of the GRACE IT team. He worked with Diane to envision and create our 1:1 program. When he’s not making his stage debut in Steel Magnolias, Sean is dreaming about GRACE’s future technology or answering the never-ending stream of support tickets.

Carol: Carol is our TK-6th grade Media Coordinator. She teaches information literacy and digital citizenship and runs about one hundred book clubs with incredibly eager students. Carol has been at GRACE for 8 years, so she’s a foundational presence on our lower campus.

Dana: Dana is our newest team member. He came to us this fall to teach technology from 3rd-12th grade (yes, he’s a busy man!). He’s up to here in Python, typing classes, and stop motion animation all the time.

Laura (me): I am the 7th-12th Media Specialist who also is in charge of technology integration and professional development on the 7th-12th grade campus. I enjoy my busy days of helping students find books to read and meeting with teachers to talk about how they can move up the SAMR model in their classrooms.

We are excited to meet you virtually! We hope that this blog becomes an encouragement and source of inspiration to you.