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Databases We Love #2: PebbleGo & PebbleGo Next

In an earlier post, I (Carol) blogged about our general database, Encyclopedia Britannica. Now, let’s look at 2 databases that are aimed specifically at our younger students: PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next, from Capstone.

PebbleGo is an award-winning set of 4 kid-friendly databases: Animals, Social Studies, Biographies, and Science. Within each database, every subtopic presents a five-part report with text, photos, videos, links to similar topics, printable assessment sheets, and a correct citation.

PebbleGo Next is a new set of 2 databases designed for our 3rd-6th grade researchers. The databases include U.S. regions and American Indian culture areas. Each article links to downloadable questions to help develop critical thinking skills.

Kids can read on their own, or choose have text read to them. Each database also includes some simple games, an article of the day, and a search field.

The teacher resource section has comprehensive lesson plans, and printable activity sheets. Teachers can use these databases to teach kids about research, reporting, and citing.

Kids can do research on their own or in small groups, in the classroom or at home. Younger kids might benefit from more guided searches and specific assignments.

For more information, see PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next.