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Database Review: Britannica School & ImageQuest

Britannica School is an award-winning online resource with differentiated, reliable information for students in Kindergarten-12th grade.

Students can move up or down a reading level as needed, using one of the three portals — Elementary, Middle School, and High School — to access information via a tablet, laptop, iPad, or other Internet-enabled device.

ImageQuest is a companion resource from Encyclopedia Britannica — and an award-winning image database for students in Kindergarten-12th grade.

With almost THREE million rights-cleared images, it is an excellent resource for students’ homework assignments.

Access to high-quality images on all topics, free of advertising, and from trustworthy sources, in one location makes ImageQuest a valuable resource for schools.

For more information, see Britannica School ( and ImageQuest  (

For password and login information, visit your GRACE library!  

Technology News Grades 3-6

Welcome Back Eagles!  I am Mrs. Hartsfield and I am so excited to be teaching at GRACE this year.  I have a lot of fun and exciting things planned this year in the technology classes and I can’t wait to get to know all of my students.

This quarter we will be getting acquainted with the Chrome books.  We will learn the parts of the Chrome book, how to log in, and simple trouble shooting techniques.  Also, our 3rd grade students will have the opportunity to learn responsibility. They have to assemble themselves in an orderly fashion to retrieve and return the Chrome books.  They are learning proper typing technique and how to effectively use the Home Row keys.  We are on our way to building competent 21st century skills!

4th/5th – Technology/Media
 This quarter Mrs. Gehringer and I will be working together in the 4th and 5th grade classes.  We will be collaborating with classroom teachers and integrating technology with their lessons.  We will start the quarter with Mac basics, Web Browsers, and Pages.

 This quarter we will start with Photo Booth and iPhoto to create our first project “All About Me”.  We will also explore the digital camera parts and use and upload pictures to iPhoto to create another project.

#WhatsUpAtGRACE August 25, 2015

You will not believe all the news that has been generated in the last week. There is a lot of information in the #WhatsUpAtGRACE Aug 25, 2015. Read carefully, and click on the many links to get more information about specific topics. A quick summary of what you will find:

  • A replay of news and links from last week including picture day information
  • A reminder about the t-shirt policy on the Crossroads Campus
  • A reminder about how to make TK-6th car pool move as quickly and safely as possible
  • Links to link your cards to local grocery stores and other retailers
  • Lots of opportunities to fellowship with the GRACE community
  • A few needs that GRACE has that hopefully you can fill
  • Athletics News and how you can support GRACE Athletics even if you don’t have a student-athlete in your house
  • Opportunities for community service

We hope to see you all out at Bond Park on Saturday for both the Love Where You Live 5K and the Back to School Bash that immediately follows it. There are still opportunities to volunteer and help out at both events. Click here to sign up.

Don’t forget to look at GRACE News and the GRACE Calendar on the website for up-to-date information on upcoming events.

GRACE Football in the News

The first varsity football game in GRACE history was attended by a representative from the News & Observer who interviewed Coach Boutwell and senior Ryan Dempsey to get their perspective on the game. See what they had to say about our first varsity football game in this article.

Apex Wings and GRACE

Apex Wings is a GRACE-family-owned neighborhood bar and restaurant established in Apex 20 years ago. The charm of the building and the familiarity of the regular customers is partially what makes Apex Wings so unique. The other thing that sets it apart is that they have been serving the best wings in the Triangle since 1993.

As part of their support of GRACE, Apex Wings will contribute 15% of every GRACE family purchase to the GRACE Eagles Club.  All you have to do is tell the server you are from GRACE or write GRACE on your receipt.  It’s that easy.  Your Apex Wings server will take are of the rest.

#WhatsUpAtGRACE August 18, 2015

We hope everyone had a great first week. Click to read the #WhatsUpAtGRACE Aug 18, 2015 and keep apprised of events that are happening at school including:

  • A replay of news and links from last week
  • Ways to volunteer for as little as an hour or as much as the full year
  • Information about the August 29th Back to School Bash at Bond Park
  • Information about our first Homecoming Football Game as well as the Homecoming Dance
  • A reminder that your hot lunch order is due tomorrow by 4:00pm
  • A reminder about tomorrow’s PTF meeting
  • Information about our first Picture Day

Don’t forget to look at the GRACE Calendar on the website for up-to-date information on upcoming events.


GRACE Skill Survey

Volunteers are essential to a large number of events at GRACE.  We are thankful to every GRACE parent and grandparent who has given of their time and talent to help make GRACE a better place for our children.  As GRACE has grown, it has become harder to keep up with all the talents of our amazing community. We have designed a skill survey that we invite every GRACE parent and grandparent to fill out to let us about the skills that you have that might benefit our school in the future.

Our students and teachers are always looking for real-world experts who can help them see the connection between academic information and the world.  Additionally, we are always in need of people to help out in the office, classroom and extra-curricular activities. Please take a moment to fill out the GRACE Skill Survey and let us know the ways that you are available to help. Do not underestimate your knowledge or your skills. You might have exactly what is needed to help a student, teacher or member of our staff.

#WhatsUpAtGRACE August 11, 2015

Welcome Back! It’s the first day of the 2015-2016 school year and there are already lots of things to plan for. Every Tuesday, GRACE students, parents and grandparents receive a copy of #WhatsUpAtGRACE via email to keep them apprised of events that are happening at school.

Click to read  #WhatsUpAtGRACE Aug 11, 2015 and find details about the following events:

  • Help get our annual GoPlaySave Fundraiser off and running!
  • Register to walk or run or volunteer at the Love Where You Live 5K. If you aren’t going to be in town, purchase a race shirt!
  • All fall athletic teams are having their pictures taken tomorrow. The newsletter contains links to that schedule.
  • TK-2nd Grade Students are having a Box Top contest. Find out the amazing prize being awarded to the winning class by reading the newsletter!

Additional information about GRACE’s first restaurant Spirit Night, the weekly prayer group, how to find copies of all the forms you need to turn in, how to join Eagles Club, how to purchase a MacBook case, when and where to audition for the fall play, and links to the GRACE online spirtwear store are all included in this week’s newsletter. Each copy of #WhatsUpAtGRACE is saved in GRACE News for future reference.

Don’t forget to look at the GRACE Calendar on the website for up-to-date information on upcoming events.