Screencastify: It's Awesome

Screencastify: It’s Awesome

I [Laura] work from Illinois, and GRACE is in North Carolina.  How does this work?  The short answer is: through the wonders of technology!  One specific tool I’ve been using recently is Screencastify.

Screencastify is a Chrome extension.  After I did the free install, I can capture easy screencasts just by clicking on the button in my browser.  Those screencasts then save automatically to Google Drive, where I can share them with teachers.

Since this seems like a time where a short video is worth many words, here’s how Screencastify works:

As you can see, it’s easy and seamless, for me and for teachers.  All I have to do is share the link with them, and they’ve got easy access to a personalized video.

Why might you care about this?  If you’re a teacher or technology coach and you’re long-distance, you clearly need tools like this that let you help your teachers.  Even if you’re local, Screencastify is a great option for recording tutorials and answering questions for teachers on your time (so you’re not trying to find a time you are both free, which can be hard).  It also can be useful to record information for parents as well, such as walking through a project description or sharing information on an upcoming field trip.

If you’re interested, here is the link to Screencastify in the Chrome store.  In case you were wondering, alas, Google or Screencastify did not pay me anything at all to share my Screencastify love.  🙂