Yearbook Confusion...and Solutions

Yearbook Confusion…and Solutions

There has been some confusion over placing a yearbook order this year. Josten’s originally created two sites for yearbook ordering, and despite our pleas, was unable to delete the extra site or rename the one site we asked them to keep active for yearbook sales to reflect that it was our whole school. As a result, when you order your yearbook it will say, in big  bold print, that you are ordering a yearbook for the K-6 campus. We PROMISE that we only create one yearbook for our school and your order on the K-6 campus named site will result in your student receiving a yearbook regardless of what grade they are in.

Below are some other frequently asked questions about ordering your GRACE Yearbook compiled by our yearbook staff.

Q: Is it too late to order a yearbook?
A: No, there is no deadline for ordering a yearbook. We keep selling until we run out of books.

Q: I got an e-mail from Jostens, and it says K-6. Are there two yearbooks?
A: No, there is only one yearbook. We are one school on two campuses, so we have one yearbook.

Q: I tried to order on the the site called Crossroads, and there aren’t yearbooks there. What do I do?
A: Order from the site called K-6 no matter which campus you are on. There was a little confusion when we set up ordering, but all orders will come through the site called K-6. Pretend the Crossroads site isn’t there.

Q: Is it too late to put an ad or shout out in the yearbook?
A: Yes. The yearbook was finished on Monday, March 7. It is now in production.

Q: My child enrolled at GRACE later in the year. Will they still be in the yearbook?
A: Yes, everyone who was enrolled at GRACE as of March 7 has a minimum of three placements in the GRACE yearbook.

Q: I do not wish to get e-mails from Jostens. How do I make them stop?
A: There are two ways.
– If you order your yearbook, you will automatically be removed from the distribution list.
– Click “One click unsubscribe” at the bottom of any e-mail you receive.

Q: How do I order?
A: Go to and find the GRACE Christian School Raleigh K-6 site. Place your order using PayPal, credit, or debit card.

The Torch 2016 will be distributed May 11, 2016! The staff hopes you will enjoy it.