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Freezer Ministry Needs

Unfortunately, Hurricane Matthew left our school without power for more than 48 hours and t meals inside the Care Team freezer had to be thrown away due to food safety concerns. We now need to restock the freezer immediately in order to have meals on hand to fulfill current family needs and in the event we have any new requests. If you could be so kind to fix a double batch of your next ‘family favorite’ meal and share with Care Team, we’d be so grateful.

Please email Leah Donovan ( that you’re willing to help replenish the freezer and when your meal can be expected.

Class Rings & Graduation Information

Representatives from Herff Jones will be coming to GRACE on Tuesday, November 15, 10:30-11:30am to meet with juniors and seniors regarding ordering class rings and graduation items. During this meeting, representatives will be making a presentation to the juniors and seniors and will send packets of information home with them.

Herff Jones will return to GRACE on Tuesday, November 29, 10:30-11:30am to receive orders for class rings and graduation items.

Open Learning

As GRACE grows and takes fuller advantage of our technology resources, you may hear the term Open Learning. Open Learning does not mean GRACE is getting rid of curriculum, standards or teachers. Open Learning means that teachers provide students with real life problems or questions and students work on possible solutions. In the process of grappling with these questions, students learn the curriculum while sharpening their collaboration, divergent thinking, and inquiry skills. Teachers may use pedagogical techniques like design thinking, project-based learning, gamification or flipped learning to facilitate this process.  At the end of the unit, the students will produce a result that demonstrates understanding of the information as well as creativity and innovation in the solution.

Open Learning is built upon the foundations of technology and the 21st Century learning skills of collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking. GRACE wants our students to be “lifelong learners who know how to research, analyze, and synthesize new information and present it professionally.”  Open Learning helps us achieve and advance this goal with an emphasis on student choice, inquiry, and creation for real world audiences.  All of this will help students gain skills they need for college and the workforce as well as prepare them to impact their world for Christ.

In the process of working on bigger picture projects, teachers impart the skills needed for students to succeed at all levels. There will always be times when the best way for students to learn is a teacher sharing their knowledge. Additionally, teachers are actively involved with students designing questions and guiding projects, mentoring, monitoring, and coming alongside students to enable them to get the most out of the experience.

GRACE teachers are focusing on building collaboration across subjects.  For example, students may be working on a project that achieves curricular goals in history, English, and Bible simultaneously. This approach ensures that students are not overloaded with projects in multiple classes within a span of time. This cross-curricular collaboration also helps students see the relevance of their studies in multiple areas and the real-life relationships between subjects. Our students are poised to be leaders in their generation. GRACE is preparing them for this role into the future.

Contributing Authors:

  • Mandy Gill, Principal, Grades 7-12
  • Laura Warmke, Technology Coach, Grades 7-12
  • Daniel O’Brien, Media Specialist, Grades 7-12

#WhatsUpAtGRACE October 25, 2016

Click on the link to read the October 25, 2016 #WhatsUpAtGRACE newsletter. In addition to the honor roll recipients for the first quarter, this edition contains information on Operation Christmas Child and our upcoming Eagle Pride Fun & Color Run events.

Remember, today is a fundraising day at the Crossroads Plaza Chick-Fil-A. 20% of all purchases accompanied by this flyer will be donated to GRACE.

Don’t forget to keep up with GRACE News and the GRACE Calendar for up-to-date information about all GRACE events. If you don’t want to wait, Subscribe to GRACE News and learn about events at GRACE as they are posted to the website.

Chick-Fil-A Spirt Day: October 25th

Chick-Fil-A FUNdraising Day

  • October 25, 2016
  • 6:00am – 10:00pm
  • Dine at the Crossroads Plaza Chick-Fil-A anytime and 20% of your sale will be donated to GRACE
  • You must present this Chick-Fil-A FUNdraising Flyer (via paper or mobile device) to the cashier for GRACE Christian School to receive the credit for your order.

The Chick-Fil-A cow and spinning wheel will be in the store from 4:00-7:00pm that night for extra opportunities for fun and fundraising!

Maker Club: October

The focus of the October GRACE Maker Club meeting was Raspberry Pi and an intro to coding. Thanks to Mr. Bianchi and Mr. Morrison for presenting, and thanks to Mr. Brian Garrett for the generous donation of the Raspberry Pi kits. Our Maker students were able to see and experience the basics of Scratch coding, how Raspberry Pi can be used to control LED’s, and we discussed the many applications Raspberry Pi’s have in the real world. Students were then given the opportunity to start learning Scratch, and also given hands-on experience assembling the Pis and the breadboards.

Football Game + Eastern NC Charity Night

The varsity football team will play its last home game of the season Friday, October 21st (Kickoff at 7pm) and we hope that all the GRACE fans will come out to cheer the Eagles to another victory. Our opponent is Rocky Mount Academy and the game will be a tough match – the Eagles need your spirit to spur them on.

Rocky Mount is one of the eastern North Carolina communities that has been hard hit by the flooding associated with Hurricane Matthew. The GRACE administration has decided to use Friday night’s game to show our neighbors in Rocky Mount that GRACE is a loving community.

We would like to raise money to help those in Rocky Mount that have been hardest hit by the hurricane. Admission to Friday night’s game for all spectators will be free; GRACE encourages all attending to make a donation instead. All donated funds will be sent back to Rocky Mount with their team for distribution by their Head of School and her leadership team.

#WhatsUpAtGRACE October 18, 2016

Thank you to all the grandparents who spent the day with us on Friday. We were blessed by your presence. Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Miracle Worker on three outstanding performances.  And thank you to everyone who supported the book fair.

Be sure to follow the links in the October 18, 2016 #WhatsUpAtGRACE to get more information on each item listed below:

  • An opportunity to pray for the 7th-8th Grade Missions Trip
  • A request for Service Selfies for the yearbook
  • A list of students who have artwork on display at the State Fair
  • Auditions are coming up for Annie
  • Details about Thursday’s College Financial Aid Seminar
  • Information about a GRACE Spring Break to Eastern Europe
  • A reminder that hot lunch ordering opens on the third Thursday of each month
  • A thank you from the library staff for all who helped with last week’s book fair
  • Details about tomorrow’s Maker Club meeting after school
  • Information about a shoe drive to benefit micro-enterprises in developing nations
  • Links to prior news articles in the Instant Replay section of the newsletter

Don’t forget to keep up with GRACE News and the GRACE Calendar for up-to-date information about all GRACE events.  If you don’t want to wait, Subscribe to GRACE News and learn about events at GRACE as they are posted to the website.

Spring Break Europe Trip

GRACE is pleased to officially announce the 4th edition of the not-quite-annual GRACE Trip to Europe let by AP history teacher Roman Pibl.  This year’s trip is to Prague, Czech Republic (where Dr. Pibl’s parents are from), then to Vienna, Austria and ending in Krakow, Poland (to visit Auschwitz).

Click here for a  the detailed Eastern Europe Spring Break Trip Itinerary. The dates of the trip are Thursday, April 6-15, 2017 which is during GRACE’s spring break.

The trip is open to the entire GRACE family. Students in 10th grade or higher can travel without their parents, students under 10th grade must travel with at least one parent.  The cost of the trip is approximate because of airfare not being finalized, but the range with airfare included ranges from $2800 to $3300.

The tour company we will be using is Perillo Tours.  The reason that this company was picked is because of the high quality of hotels and food that are included. You will not be staying in student or budget hotels, yet the cost of the tour is in line with typical student tours.  If you are interested, please email Dr. Pibl at

GRACE Art at the State Fair

Please come to the NC State Fair, October 13 – 23, to see the beautiful art of our GRACE students:

  • Hannah Billings state-fair-logo
  • Leah Bittler
  • Molly Church
  • Ava Kaisersatt
  • Rachael Litavecz
  • Ellie McNair
  • Sofia Pinzauti
  • Eli Padden
  • Kathryn Robinson
  • Lee Robinson
  • Madison Russell
  • Rebecca Sharda
  • Eliza Olive
  • Lydia Olive
  • Dillon Smith
  • Edward Katz
  • Caroline Murray