My GRACE Experience Part 2

My GRACE Experience Part 2

This post was written by Head of School, Eric Bradley

Last week, I referenced Joshua’s leadership on the journey out of the wilderness and the dedication of the twelve stones to symbolize God’s blessings on the community. I also noted that this was part of Joshua’s standard operating procedure: seek God’s direction, follow God’s guidance, pause to give thanks, and then move forward. This week’s post focuses on the idea of moving forward.

Celebrate GRACE in many ways is our version of Joshua’s memorial stones on the banks of the Jordan River. It was a time to honor God for the blessings he has poured out over our community as we paused from our crazy schedules, gathered together, and told stories of God’s goodness. From that place of remembrance and thanksgiving, we look forward. As we look forward, my vision is that our future GRACE experience will include the following:

  • We will be a school where each student is known as an individual and knows that he or she is loved first and foremost by God, but also by the adults who surround them.
  • We will be leaders in the use of technology, something that we can already celebrate as a strength, but an area that requires near constant investment and a vigilant eye on the horizon.
  • Our teachers  will have the best opportunities for professional development, and a system within our school that supports and rewards those teachers who dare to innovate and inspire our kids.
  • We will be seen as leaders in growing students academically, spiritually, and emotionally.
  • We will cultivate students who are thinkers and dreamers, filled with hope of what they can do with God’s help and the gifts He has given them.
  • We will help to instill in our students a joy that can only come through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In the Old Testament, Joshua used the stones to symbolize God’s love for His people. In the New Testament, Peter uses the imagery of stones somewhat differently. In First Peter chapter 2, Peter describes Jesus Christ as the living stone who is the foundation of our faith. He also calls us to be living stones, building a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood. One commentary on this verse states, “What God does in us together is important. He is building something out of us together.” Teachers, coaches, fellow parents, and classmates are some of the living stones in our children’s lives. It is our prayer that when they look back on their years at GRACE, they will remember those that invested in building their spiritual house, but, as living stones, they will always look forward to opportunities to serve God. May these living stones be a testimony to all that God has done to bless our community.