Science Fun in TK

Science Fun in TK

Mr. Meade, a former science teacher, visited TK to share his love of science with the students. He asked the kids two questions:

  1. What does it mean to be alive?
  2. Is fire alive?

The kids learned there are 5 rules for something to be ‘alive’. It must:

  1. respond to the environment
  2. grow
  3. reproduce
  4. need energy
  5. have cells

The kids made a hypothesis that fire is NOT alive…and they were right! Fire does not have cells so it does not meet all of the requirements to be alive!

Mr. Meade showed us how fire uses energy such as paper and oxygen. He lit a piece of newspaper and put it in a glass bottle. He then put an unpeeled hard boiled egg on top of the bottle. When the fire used up all of the oxygen inside the bottle, it sucked the egg inside as a means to get to more oxygen. The kids LOVED IT and Mr. Meade repeated the experiment three times! A huge THANK YOU to Mr. Meade for this wonderful lesson!