Giving to GRACE, Part 1

Giving to GRACE, Part 1

We are aware that throughout the school year, many financial requests are made of you.  We would like you to better understand these requests so that you can make informed decisions throughout the year.

The GRACE Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the most important area of fundraising for GRACE and provides the resources to make improvements to our campus facilities, instructional technology, and professional development opportunities that otherwise would have to be delayed or eliminated. We will request Annual Fund donations three times:

  • Annual Fund Campaign, October 2017
  • End of Year Giving, December 2017
  • Celebrate GRACE Fundraising Event, March 2018

This Fundraising Annual Fund Infographic shows where our annual fund dollars came from during 2016-2017 and how we would like to shift that going forward. Giving to GRACE, Part 2 will give additional explanation and details to each section of the pie charts. Also included in the infographic is the distribution of how annual fund dollars have been spent over the past three years, both by type of investment and by campus.  

Thank you for taking the time to review this information. We hope that this is helpful as we begin the new school year and we ask that you begin now to prayerfully consider how you can support the GRACE Annual Fund.