Annual Fund Campaign Day 1

Annual Fund Campaign Day 1


Support the 2017-2018 GRACE Annual Fund Campaign

The 2017-2018 Annual Fund Campaign will last from October 9th-20th! Gifts to the Annual Fund allows GRACE to invest in critical resources in many areas of school life including academics, athletics, fine arts, safety, security, and technology. Each day during the campaign we will highlight a different aspect of GRACE and how the Annual Fund supports each one.

Please prayerfully consider how you can be a part of this year’s Annual Fund Campaign. Strong parent participation is a key factor in us gaining access to outside foundation funding. Every gift, regardless of the amount, counts toward our goal of 100% participation. Please make your commitment (or let us know about the giving you are already doing) by filling out the 2017-2018 Annual Fund Commitment Card.

Day 1: We are Thankful for Inspiring Teachers

The GRACE teaching staff provides strong academic instruction while fostering a safe, loving, and caring environment. Teachers partner with parents to encourage critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and to nurture Christian character in each student. Our goal is for GRACE students to graduate spiritually mature, academically prepared, and mentally confident. The Annual Fund supports our teachers through providing additional instructional tools for the classroom and quality professional development opportunities.


What is the Annual Fund and What Does it Do?

If you’re not sure what the Annual Fund is, or how those funds are used, please read the following series on Giving to GRACE:

Make your commitment today! Fill out the 2017-2018 Annual Fund Commitment Card now!