Staff Spotlight: Merrily Boyd

Staff Spotlight: Merrily Boyd

If you have had a student at GRACE in grades TK-6th, no doubt, you have enjoyed the fruit of Merrily Boyd’s labor. As the art teacher on the lower campus, Merrily has the honor of inspiring our youngest students in their artistic accomplishments.

As an elementary student, one of Merrily’s fondest memories is from fifth grade when a painting she did in art class won the “Save Our Sounds” poster contest and Greg Fischel presented her award. 

Psalm 121 is a favorite of Merrily’s as it shows God as our protector and the One we should turn to for help in times of trouble. As a relatively new mom, the 3rd verse of this psalm, “He who watches over you will not slumber…” has taken on new meaning. She loves how this verse depicts God as a vigilant, loving parent.

Merrily grew up in Raleigh and graduated in 2004 from Meredith College with a bachelor’s degree in studio art and art history and completed her master’s degree in elementary education at NC State University in 2012. Merrily has been part of the GRACE staff for the last nine years joining the staff in 2008 after getting connected to three members of the GRACE staff, including Kathie Thompson and Beth Hawks, at a camp where she was volunteering. After finding out she had not been offered a job she had applied for elsewhere, Merrily prayed and surrendered her future employment to God. Less than three hours later Beth Hawks and former GRACE teacher George Taylor mentioned that Mrs. Thompson was looking for an art teacher for GRACE. As soon as Merrily heard this, she knew God had heard her prayer and was directing her steps. Merrily began working at GRACE that fall and enrolled at NCSU to begin her masters in elementary education. When asked what she loves most about her job, Merrily states that she is most grateful to combine her love of art and her love of children and get paid to do so! Merrily uses her own experience as a reminder that God is good, that He cares about us, that He answers prayer, and that all too often, we underestimate all of these truths.

When asked to reveal something that most people didn’t know about Merrily, she shared that prior to coming to GRACE, she and a friend moved to Texas for three months for the sole purpose of working the Texas Renaissance Faire!

Merrily is grateful to be at GRACE and appreciates the team atmosphere and the culture that is always striving for excellence and looking for ways to improve and grow. Merrily and her husband, Michael, met on a blind date and have one son, Gibson.