Staff Spotlight: Sharon Martin

Staff Spotlight: Sharon Martin

If you have spent any time on the elementary campus (especially the car pool line), then you know who Sharon Martin is. For fifteen years, Sharon has been sharing her many gifts and talents with the GRACE community as the 3rd grade assistant and one of our many dedicated car pool monitors.

Sharon has a degree in electrical engineering and worked at CP&L (now part of Duke Energy) running the dispatcher training simulator to teach dispatchers how to take care of major outages in the power system (i.e. tornadoes and hurricanes).

Sharon grew up in Ohio and moved to North Carolina after college. Ironically, her identical twin sister also lives in Raleigh and they frequently run into each others friends who cannot tell them apart.

When asked to share something from her own school days, Sharon recalled that in her neighborhood elementary school, everyone walked to and from school each day and that everyone went home for lunch. She also recalls breaking her right arm in 3rd grade and learning to write with her left hand. Sharon credits this event for transforming the quality of her handwriting which went from “horrendous” to “beautiful” during this time. Fun fact – Sharon still has the plaster cast that was on her arm!

Sharon and her husband, Ken, have been married for 35 years and have two daughters adopted from Thailand. Both Melanie and Molly attended GRACE from kindergarten through high school graduation. After adopting the girls, Sharon quit work so she could stay at home with them. When they were old enough to enroll at GRACE, Sharon came on staff so she could have the same hours and holidays as them, and to help pay for their tuition. While both girls have long since graduated (Melanie- 2011 and Molly- 2014), Sharon stayed on at GRACE because, as she states, “I really enjoy working here.”

When not at GRACE or spending time with their daughters, Sharon and Ken like to do long distance biking. They recently rode 175 miles in two days (100 miles the first day and 75 miles the second day) as part of the 2017 Bike MS: Historic New Bern Ride which raised $1,661,078.92 to fund MS research.