Staff Spotlight: Beth Hawks

Staff Spotlight: Beth Hawks

If you have spent any time paging through a GRACE yearbook, then you have already benefited from the gifts and talents of middle and high school science teacher Beth Hawks. In addition to teaching science at GRACE, Beth is the organizing and motivating force behind our student produced yearbook. If you are a student at GRACE in any grade, you will see her multiple times a year as she strives to make sure every student is represented more than once in The Torch.

During her 15 years teaching at GRACE, Beth has taught 8th Grade Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, 7th Grade Health, Freshman Health, Algebra I, Photography, and Yearbook (not all in the same yeaer). Science and the space program are Beth’s passions and she would have pursued being an astronaut if she hadn’t grown above NASA’s height limit of 5’8″ when she was 12 years old. As it relates to science, Beth loves seeing students discover science and enjoys teaching many students twice as 8th graders and again in high school.

Beth had a hard time picking a single memory from her own time in school, but shared that her 6th-grade teacher taught her not to take herself so seriously; at that time, she cried if a person looked at me wrong or said something I didn’t like. 

When asked to share advice, Beth was quick to say, “Be open to whatever new opportunity God brings your way.” As a point of illustration, Beth shares that she didn’t know she would love teaching yearbook, but she said yes to it when Kathie Thompson asked her to try it. Now, thirteen years later, she can’t imagine what it would be like not to do it.

Beth believes that God has given the gift of singleness so that she can have undivided time in her ministry to the students at GRACE. She loves working at our school because everyone is committed to serving God with their work instead of viewing it only as a way to get a paycheck. When asked to share her favorite Bible verse, Beth quoted Mark 9:24, when the father of the boy with the unclean spirit says, “I believe.  Help my unbelief.”  The recognition that even though he believed, he still had a long way to go and needed the help of Jesus to believe is something she relates to.

As far as sharing something that others might not know about her, Beth let us know that she was a clown for a few years in a church ministry; her name was Peaches.