ACSI Spelling Bee Results

ACSI Spelling Bee Results

Congratulations to the students who placed at the District 3 ACSI Spelling Bee hosted by GRACE on Friday, February 9th. The winners in grades 5-8 all participated in the Spell-Off event after their grade level bees.

Congratulations to Asher Hickman, first place winner in the Spell-Off, and Meredith Wells, second place winner in the Spell-Off. These students will proceed to the ACSI Southeast Regional Spelling Bee in March. Winners from the Regional Bee will go to Washington DC for the National Championship.

Grade Level Winners from GRACE:

Grade 1:

  • Fourth Place: Sutton Vallecorse

Grade 3:

  • Third Place:Anastasia Kamal

Grade 4:

  • First Place: Eli Stewart
  • Second Place: Presley Nunnery
  • Third Place:Nate Hickman

Grade 5:

  • First Place:Connor Woodworth

Grade 6:

  • Fourth Place: Hannah Bradley

Grade 7:

  • Fourth Place: Hannah Graham

Grade 8:

  • First Place: Asher Hickman
  • Second Place: Meredith Wells
  • Fourth Place: Jalil Harvey