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#WhatsUpAtGRACE September 25, 2018

Please take a moment to read the September 25, 2018 #WhatsUpAtGRACE newsletter to see pictures from last week and to learn about what is going on this week and in the upcoming weeks. 

The PTF invites you to Chick-Fil-A tonight between 4:00pm and 7:00pm for fellowship, fun, and fundraising. CFA will donate 10% of their proceeds to GRACE for purchases made during this time.

Tomorrow is See You At The Pole on both campuses. Come to school a little early and pray with your classmates and teachers. The Upper Campus will meet at 7:15am and the Lower Campus will meet at 7:30pm.

If you missed a previous edition of the weekly newsletter, they are all posted in GRACE News on the GRACE website. We also encourage you to keep up to date with all future events by consulting the GRACE Calendar.

#WhatsUpAtGRACE September 18, 2018

Please take a moment to read the September 18, 2018 #WhatsUpAtGRACE newsletter to learn about what is going on this week and in the upcoming weeks. Of special note this week is an opportunity for the GRACE family to support those impacted by Hurricane Florence by bringing items Thursday morning for the Junior class to collect and deliver. All the details are in the newsletter.

We had a sleepy Monday in our pajamas, but today has been super high energy celebrating super heroes and getting excited for the remainder of homecoming week. Make sure to check out the homecoming links in the newsletter so that your student doesn’t miss any of the fun.

If you missed a previous edition of the weekly newsletter, they are all posted in GRACE News on the GRACE website. We also encourage you to keep up to date with all future events by consulting the GRACE Calendar.

Sign Up for Upper Campus Teacher Conferences

Parent Conferences are the afternoon of Thursday September 27th and all day on Friday September 28th. Please sign up for any conferences you want to have with your student’s teachers. Please note on the signup genius where each teacher will be during these times. There will be chairs outside of each door for you to sit and wait for each teacher.

The Power of Mentors: 7 Ways Student Success Is Tied to Strong Teacher Relationships

Have you noticed how frequently the word “Influencer” is used these days? It often refers to celebrities paid to influence their social media followers to buy a product. But for parents seeking to raise healthy kids who love the Lord and succeed in school, the kind of influencers valued are 
godly role models who serve as mentors. That’s one of the distinct benefits parents can find in a private Christian school.

  1.  Brain-Based Research Supports It
    Scientific studies have demonstrated that a teacher’s sincere encouragement can substantially impact a student’s likelihood of success. When a student feels a teacher likes and cares about them, there’s a direct correlation to achievement. Conversely, when teachers demonstrate a lack of confidence in a student’s abilities, students feel defeated and begin to doubt themselves.
  2.  Alumni Affirm the Difference Teachers Makes
    In our May 2018 blog, Moving Forward Together: Reflections From the Senior Class, student after student referenced the life-changing ways in which teachers spurred their success. Graduates shared reflections about treasured teacher relationships:
  • “I know that I can come to her with any educational, goal-oriented, or personal problem.”
  • “In the end I was able to succeed in the class, and I can truly say that it gave me better study habits and a drive for education.”
  • “Because of them I know I am well prepared for my college experience. Academically and spiritually, I am equipped for life’s challenges.” 
  1.  Teachers Are in Sync with Parents
    Another great advantage of the Christian school model is that the home and the school are typically working in harmony. Parents’ goals for their children’s spiritual and social well-being are in sync with those of the teachers. That can’t help but provide a greater sense of security for the student and promote an atmosphere that acts as an incubator for success.
  1.  Christian Teachers Reinforce Biblical Values
    Whether in the classroom, on the playing field, or in the practice hall, students need a team of mentors who model and reinforce biblical values. When students experience adults in these important roles who are serving, worshiping, praying, and applying biblical principles to everyday life, it makes a memorable difference. As one recent GRACE grad noted about a coach: “He facilitated growth in my faith, my compassion for others, and my leadership abilities while also making me realize I can do anything I set my mind to if I am willing to put the work in.”
  1.  Students See Love in Action
    Former GRACE Librarian and Technology Coach Laura Warmke shared from her own five years of experience: “Loving community at GRACE means teachers actually caring about their students as whole people, not just how they behave in their classrooms. Loving community means each student finding a place at GRACE, and faculty who see encouraging students as part of their job. Loving community means coworkers and the administration sacrificially loving each other.” 
  1.  Prayer Deepens the Relationship
    Don’t underestimate the power of a praying teacher! When faculty, staff, and administrators demonstrate a commitment to pray for students, there’s no telling what God will do! It’s important to find a Christian school where students know that they can share prayer needs with teachers who will pray with them and for them.  
  1.  Strong Teacher Relationships Bring Hope
    Positive relationships with teachers can help students sort through the many confusing messages they receive through media and popular culture. In a world filled with hopelessness, teachers who know Christ and integrate biblical values throughout their classes are better able to help bring hope and positive direction to a student’s life.GRACE Christian School is a loving community that genuinely cares for each and every student in a personal manner. It’s a place where every student has worth and value.If you’re a prospective parent searching for a private Christian school in the Raleigh, NC, area, download our Right Fit Admissions Packet to learn more.

GRACE Operating on a Normal Schedule September 17, 2018

After a careful assessment of our campus buildings and the surrounding access roads, GRACE Christian School has made the decision that GRACE will operate on a regular school day schedule for Monday, September 17, 2018. As always, please use your best judgment to determine if your student can get to GRACE safely. If you feel that you cannot travel from your home to school safely, please stay home and notify GRACE via the appropriate attendance email address ( and .

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Pajama Day as we kick off Spirit Week. After school activities will be held unless you hear differently from the GRACE staff member in charge of your activity.

Please note that GRACE does not automatically follow the decisions of the Wake County Public School System; do not assume if WCPSS is closed/delayed that we have made the same decision.