2019 Raleigh GFWC Art Results

2019 Raleigh GFWC Art Results

Congratulations GRACE art students!  We had 38 GRACE artworks place in the 2019 Raleigh GFWC Arts Festival! All 1st and 2nd place winning entries of each category will advance to the District VI Arts Festival that will be held on Saturday, February 16th, as a private juried event.  District first place winners will advance to the GFWC-NC State Arts Festival which will be held March 9th in Mebane, NC.

GFWC City Level High School Winners:

Pastel Drawing

  • Lee Robinson – 1st place pastel drawing
  • Kennedy Springer – 2nd place pastel drawing
  • David Bandy – 3rd place pastel drawing


  • Amelia Bradley – 3rd place sculpture

Mixed Media

  • Ava Mendez – 1st place mixed media


  • Samantha Saenz – 1st place ceramics
  • Lela Arruza – 3rd place ceramics

Metal Crafts

  • Jessica Hoyle – 1st place metal crafts

Wood Crafts

  • Lela Arruza – 1st place wood crafts
  • Madison Rhoads – 2nd place wood crafts

Paper Crafts

  • Lela Arruza – 1st place paper crafts
  • Madison Russell – 2nd place paper crafts

Decorative Painting

  • David Bandy – 1st place decorative painting
  • Kennedy Springer – 2nd place decorative painting
  • Tanner Ballance – 3rd place decorative painting

Nature Crafts

  • Lela Arruza – 2nd place nature crafts

Crochet/Knitting Crafts

  • Lela Arruza – 1st place crochet/ knitting crafts

Dye Craft

  • David Bandy – 1st place dye craft
  • Lee Robinson – 2nd place dye craft
  • Ellie McNair – 3rd place dye craft

Glass Craft

  • Colby Kulinski – 1st place glass craft
  • Lela Arruza – 2nd place glass craft
  • Abby Grimes – 3rd place glass craft

GFWC City Level Middle School Winners:

Pastel Drawing

  • Payton Chapman – 1st place pastel drawing
  • Zoee Stewart – 2nd place pastel drawing
  • Avery Hawley – 3rd place pastel drawing


  • Zoee Stewart – 1st place sculpture
  • Briana Taylor – 2nd place sculpture
  • Hannah Graham – 3rd place sculpture

Pencil Drawing

  • Hannah Graham – 1st place pencil drawing

Mixed Media

  • Natalie Sanservino – 1st place mixed media
  • Julie Rakitine – 2nd place mixed media


  • Payton Chapman – 1st place ceramics
  • Avery Hawley – 2nd place ceramics
  • Asha Matthew Powers – 3rd place ceramics

Metal Crafts

  • Koen Hendges – 1st place metal crafts
  • Avrie Lanning – 2nd place metal crafts
  • Lauren Wingerd – 3rd place metal crafts