2019 ACSI Speech Meet

2019 ACSI Speech Meet

On Saturday, February 9th, thirteen GRACE high school students competed in the ACSI Regional Speech Meet,  designed to help students develop techniques to speak audibly, articulately, expressively, and with poise and confidence. Students demonstrate their ability by delivering a memorized poem, speech, or passage. Participants do not compete against one another, rather, they are judged against an established set of criteria. Congratulations to the following students on their accomplishments:


  • Isaiah Anderson
  • Sophie Aruzza
  • Caroline Wingerd,
  • Lee Robinson
  • Lauren Meeson
  • Kristina Pattison
  • Meredith Wells


  • Sean Moss
  • Jordan France
  • Cameron Clarke
  • JJ Camp
  • Ben Murray
  • Jaylon Gibson
In addition, Lee Robinson was recognized for excellence at the awards ceremony.