ACSI Spelling Bee Winners!

ACSI Spelling Bee Winners!

GRACE was privileged to host six schools at the ACSI District Spelling Bee on Friday, February 7.

Congratulations to the GRACE students who placed in the grade-level bees: First Grade: 3rd Place, Cameron Pusey; Third Grade: 1st Place, Maddox Hickman, 2nd Place, Cecily Shibley; Sixth Grade: First Place, Nate Hickman, Third Place, Eli Stewart; Seventh Grade: Third Place, Connor Woodworth, Fourth Place, Collin Sanchez; Eighth Grade: Third Place, Anna Garrett.

Nate Hickman, Eli Stewart, Connor Woodworth, Collin Sanchez, and Anna Garrett went on to compete in the Spell-Off event among the top four participants who placed in grades 5-8.  In the Spell-Off event, Anna Garrett finished in First Place and Collin Sanchez in Second Place. Anna and Collin and the other top five will go on to compete in the ACSI Regional Spelling Bee in Atlanta in March. This was quite an accomplishment for these students and we are so proud of them!

Congratulations to all the students who represented GRACE and their grade level in the Spelling Bee:

First Grade: Faith Olaitan, Thaxton Kaluka, Cameron Pusey, and Jackson Whitham

Second Grade:: Harper Sabo, Aubrey Dayton, Lily Shoop, and Princess Ugochukwu 

Third Grade: Lucas Gomide, Maddox Hickman, Cecily Shibley, and Gabe Ojie

Fourth Grade: Bee Brooks, Tanner Lawrence, Kevin Ni, and Hudson Pietz

Fifth Grade: Caroline Gausmann, Wyatt Savage, Grace Shibley, and Luke Turner

Sixth Grade: Nate Hickman, Maddie Laakso, Emerson Lee, and Eli Stewart 

Seventh Grade: Ben Anderson, Sage Collier, Collin Sanchez, and Connor Woodworth

Eighth Grade:
Anna Garrett, Carter Murphy, Lynley Pusey, and Lauren Wingerd

Congratulations, students!