March 17, 2020 | Amazing GRACE

March 17, 2020 | Amazing GRACE


Can we all take a moment to sit and reflect on all that has occurred this past week? I don’t think when we sent out last Tuesday’s Amazing GRACE that we knew what was in store for us in the days to come.

But we find comfort in knowing God did. Nothing that is happening right now has caught God off-guard or unaware. In fact, He is proven Himself so faithful in how He has equipped our teachers, staff, leadership, and families to respond to these unprecedented times.

Our technology and leadership team were able to put together a Virtual Learning Environment in less than two weeks that was so impressive, it has since been sent to the entire North Carolina Association of Independent Schools as a model for other schools to follow.

Our teachers, many of whom may understandably feel out of their comfort zone, have enthusiastically committed to doing whatever it takes to continue providing your children with an exceptional education that you have come to expect here at GRACE.  

You, our parents and families, have been incredible in your outpouring of love and encouragement as our leadership team makes difficult decisions to do whatever is best for your student. You cannot even begin to imagine the depth of prayers that have been lifted to God for His provision and direction over this past week. Your emails of love, care and support have been so encouraging to us. We thank you.

In fact, the only complaints we are hearing from our teachers and families is a collective sadness over missing our everyday interactions as a school community – the laughs, hugs, voices and togetherness. So we are committed to doing everything we can to keep that sense of community that makes GRACE so special going. If you haven’t already, we ask you to go ahead and follow GRACE on Facebook and Instagram. We have so many exciting things in store to keep our community “together” online.


#1: You and your family are KNOWN. VALUED. LOVED.

#2: God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called.

#3: We are all in this together! As you learn fun tips and tricks that you think other GRACE families may find helpful as we move to a virtual learning platform, share them with us a We’ll compile a list of them to share in next week’s Amazing GRACE.


Technology FAQS

Virtual Learning Agreement (Grades TK – 4)

Virtual Learning Agreement (Grades 5-12)