Summer of Spiritual Development

Summer of Spiritual Development

One of the blessings of attending a school like GRACE is the opportunity for students to receive instruction and guidance in both academic and spiritual growth. With the summer quickly approaching, students will get a break from their academics. However, it is the perfect opportunity to continue their spiritual development with unique and special experiences at home and across the Triangle area.

Spiritual development is the process in which God uses events and circumstances in our lives to help us grow to be more like Christ. It is a life-long process. Though children at different ages go through specific developmental stages, spiritual development can be a separate process altogether. In this process, however, pride, jealousy, and selfishness begin to fade away and humility, gentleness, and compassion begin to take their place.

Regardless of your children’s ages or stages of spiritual maturity, there are a number of ways to help your child grow this summer.

Summer Camps

Allow your child to spread their wings and independently create foundational experiences. Summer camps, day camps or sleep-away camps, are great options. Many local camps also include a spiritual component. Connecting and growing alongside other believers can help kids build comradery and confidence. Fun 4 Raleigh Kids has a listing of local camps. Their website is a great resource to find a suitable camp for your child.

And did you know that GRACE also hosts its own Summer Camp with the option for either full or half day? We’ll even be holding Virtual Summer Camps this June in an effort to comply with state guidelines.


In the Bible, Jesus often references the power of serving others. He even demonstrates this sort of humility in the way that he washed the disciples’ feet, fed the multitudes, and ultimately, died on the cross for our sins.

Serving connects you to others, allows you to use your gifts, and can also be really fun! Summer is a great time for students to use their extra time to serve others through volunteer opportunities. Not only does it help others, but it also teaches humility, selflessness, and kindness. and are excellent resources to find local places to volunteer.

Family Time

During summer break, there are more opportunities to spend time as a family. The family unit can often be one of the most influential sources of spiritual growth and formation in a child. As a family, continue to attend church services regularly. Eat family meals together and talk about the highs and lows of the day. Travel and explore new places together. Do a Bible study or devotion together that will allow for conversations about real-world situations your kids might face.

Being purposeful in the events and experiences your kids have during their summer break will help foster their spiritual development and continue to positively shape them on their journey through life.