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College Visits

College Visits on campus at GRACE:

Starting in September, we have several colleges scheduled to visit GRACE. You can see a list of who is coming and when on the GRACE calendar and on a summary chart. Updates are made every Friday.

Unless otherwise noted, all Rep Visits will be in the Junior Seminar classroom. All high school students are welcome to attend these information sessions. If you wish to attend a college information session with a college representative that is visiting GRACE, but you have class during that time, please fill out the permission slip and get approval from a college counselor AND the teacher from the class you will miss.

Open House Events and Tours on College Campuses

All juniors and seniors are encouraged to spend time on college campuses as part of the process to build, refine, or narrow their choices. In addition to daily tours, many colleges hold special tours:

Regional Open Houses / Information Sessions / College Fairs

As we are made aware of them we will update this list of regional open houses, information sessions, and college fairs. These are formal information sessions and most sessions require advanced registration – links to registration page are provided when available.

Contact Cathy Cole at in the College Counseling Office if you have questions about the college search process.