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College Foundation: 2019-2020 Student Financial Aid for North Carolinians:  This booklet is published by College Foundation of North Carolina, which administers many grant, scholarship, and loan programs in North Carolina. Use it to locate sources of financial aid available to North Carolina students. This book does not include every scholarship available, but it does include many of the major programs available across the state.

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Other Scholarships

As we learn of scholarships, we will update this list. Previous scholarships that GRACE students were able to apply for  included:

  • Charleston Southern University / HIS Radio
  • Couch Oil Cares Scholarship
  • Friends of the Page-Walker Scholarship
  • Chick-fil-A Fellows Program
  • National High School Essay Contest
  • Hugh Morson Memorial Scholarship
  • EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program 
  • Charles R. Ullman and Associate Scholarship
  • Florence Kidder Memorial Scholarship
  • Cary MacGregor Rotary Scholarship
  • Cary Rotary Club Scholarship
  • Brady Cobin Law Group Essay Scholarship
  • Coolidge Scholarship (open to 11th graders only)
  • SACAC Horizon Award
  • SunTrust off to College Scholarship Sweepstakes
  • AES Engineering Solutions Scholarship
  • Prudential Spirit of Community Awards 
  • The ACT Student Champion
  • GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship 
  • Ronald McDonald House U.S. Scholarship Program
  • BBB Torch Scholarship
  • Essay Example’s Young Writer’s Scholarship
  • Honors Graduation Multimedia Scholarship 
  • Hugh Morson Memorial Scholarship
  • “Aspiring Fashion Professional” Scholarship
  • ÔÇťAspiring Animation Professional” Scholarship Program.
  • Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program