Middle School

Equipping Students for Life: GRACE Middle School includes sixth through eighth grades. This period of developmental transition can be difficult for many “tweens”, yet middle school students remain an exciting and awesome group to teach! Middle schoolers are eager to learn and still display genuine enthusiasm about understanding the world around them. Their hearts are still pliable for the Lord and they often experience great growth in their spiritual walk. Middle school students can demonstrate love and care for those less fortunate and are eager to participate in activities that benefit others. In addition to academic preparation, middle school teachers create opportunities for students to apply problem solving skills to non-academic situations, develop the ability to clearly articulate ideas, and to critically examine different points of view.

Middle School Curriculum: Grades sixth through eighth comprise middle school at GRACE Christian School. The middle school curriculum is designed to solidify the educational foundation of an elementary education while preparing students for the rigors of an excellent college-prep high school academic program. Fine arts, sports and clubs are designed to assist students to investigate their God given gifts, talents and interests.

Middle School Faculty: GRACE Christian School is blessed with gifted and dedicated faculty and staff. All faculty and staff members profess Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives and regard their positions at GRACE as ministry to Him. Faculty members are required to have a bachelor’s degree and to understand and teach from a Christian-worldview perspective. They are required to work toward their ACSI certification, which includes meeting state licensing, teaching methods, and philosophy of Christian education standards. Our teachers are all expected to continue with professional development both corporately and as individuals. On the 7-12 campus many of them have Masters degrees in their subject area as well.