College Connections Issue 13

Cooler weather and lower humidity don’t just signal the end of summer, they are also indicators that the college admissions season is upon us! Students were able to submit applications starting in August, but the peak of submissions, especially at GRACE, normally coincides with the start of autumn. GRACE seniors are busy working on essays and other application elements in preparation for the first set of college application deadlines in October and November.

The September College Connections Newsletter has many important tips for the seniors, but also several articles/links that will benefit freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. There are links in this month’s newsletter to a series of webinars that Davidson College is putting on, an upcoming virtual college fair, and several articles written by college admissions directors. You don’t need to be interested in the specific college to take advantage of their resources and most, if not all, are applicable beyond their own institution.

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