Meet GRACE Senior Stefon McLeod

Stefon McLeod

GRACE Christian School graduates class after class of students who are equipped, challenged, and inspired to impact their world for Christ. We are excited to introduce you to current GRACE Senior, Stefon McLeod.


Q: What led you to GRACE Christian School? 

A: What led me to GRACE was its college preparation and the multitude of resources and opportunities that will not only prepare me for college but set me up for success. 


Q: I understand you arrived at GRACE right before COVID hit. How did GRACE continue to provide a supportive and encouraging community (even if it was virtual!) for you during a season of life that was challenging for everyone?

A: COVID-19 was definitely unexpected, but God has a plan for everything! I think GRACE did an amazing job of making school as normal as possible, keeping students engaged and providing them with what they needed.


Q: What do you enjoy most about GRACE?

A: What I enjoy most about GRACE is the family-feel. This makes it easy to go to a teacher, friend, or counselor about something that you may be going through in your life.


Q: How has GRACE encouraged your spiritual development?

A: GRACE has really helped me turn “religion” into a “lifestyle” by making my faith something that I live by. I’m also gaining a better understanding of the Bible by studying the context of the different stories each day.


Q: How would you describe GRACE to someone outside our school community? 

A: GRACE is a place where you can grow as a student, person, and disciple. GRACE also provides an abundance of opportunities and resources to get the most out of your educational experience.


Q:  Our theme for 2020-2021 is Unshakable. How has God proven himself to be unshakable in your life?

A: God has proven himself to be unshakable by showing me that HE is in control, especially in a year like 2020. Though everything around me may be chaotic, I’m reminded that if I give God what I have, he’ll give me what I need. 


GRACE provides a variety of opportunities for its students to develop their faith, grow their character, and encourage them in their walk with Christ. Your gifts to the GRACE Annual Fund allow us to continue to invest in the lives of our students. In the past, gifts to the Annual Fund have allowed us to remodel the Upper Campus chapel, provide staff with professional development opportunities, and more. Prayerfully consider donating to the GRACE Annual Fund today.