Amazing GRACE | February 2, 2021

Amazing GRACE

Celebrating Black History Month

Throughout the month of February, GRACE Christian teachers will be incorporating a variety of lessons and activities to celebrate black culture and black history - including Lower Campus's annual door decorating contest! Check out Mrs. Scholten's door. As the 3rd, 4th and 6th-grade science teacher, her door features many influential black scientists. 
Mrs. Scholten also offers the following: "One resource that I have loved for years is an Instagram account called @hereweeread. She shares tons of great children's books on diversity and inclusion all year long, especially during Black History Month! Lots of great ideas for families to add to their children's book collections or check out from their local library!"
How does your family celebrate? Feel free to email us at cbarnhill@gracechristian.net - we'd love to share your responses in an upcoming newsletter! 

Enrollment Seats Open for 2021-2022! Tell a Friend!

Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is open to the general public, and we recognize that our most effective recruitment tool is you - our GRACE community! We invite you to share your love for GRACE Christian School with your colleagues, neighbors, teammates, friends and others! For more information, you can direct them to our special Admissions microsite that includes all the information they'd need to know about applying and enrolling at GCS. 

Virtual Donuts for Dads

We will be holding our next virtual Donuts for Dads this Friday, February 5th from 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. This week’s presenter is going to be Blake Hickman, Upper Campus Dean of Students, Bible teacher, and fellow GRACE dad of 5 boys. Come hear what God has laid on Blake’s heart to share with the group and get to know a fellow GRACE administrator and dad.

If you are not able to attend and have any prayer requests that you would like to share with the group, please email Greg Robinson at menofgrace@gracechristian.net prior to Friday. 

Google Hangout Information
Join by video -meet.google.com/ayp-mxcf-sfq
Join by phone - +1 224-858-8324 PIN: ‪155 140 710#

Celebrate GRACE: Call for Volunteers


GRACE Community,


Thank you for considering being one of the many volunteers needed to support the fundraising activities for a successful Celebrate GRACE, a fundraising event to benefit the GRACE Annual Fund. Funds raised this year will support resurfacing all building roofs, lower campus classroom upfits, upper campus weight room, and PE changing rooms.


This year's event may look a little different due to Covid-19 but the cause is just as important. The online auction will begin April 13-24, and the porch party style virtual gala will take place in small gatherings at various homes in multiple locations and online on Saturday, April 24.


These fundraising events and activities could not happen without your help. Please select one or more areas in which to volunteer and someone will be in contact with more details to follow. Thank you again for being a part of the team and making a difference for our school. Sign up here to join the volunteer team. 


Michele Bandy, Director of Community Advancement



Yearbook Shout Outs

A shout out is a line you can purchase to be printed in the yearbook. It is a great way to send a special message to your child. It is a great way for your child to let that special teacher or coach know how they feel. It is a fun way to put your favorite song lyrics or movie quotes in the yearbook. It is only $5, and your word will be immortalized. Note: Miss Hawks is the judge of whether or not your Shout Out is appropriate. If you attempt to put in something inappropriate for school, she will give you a disapproving gaze and keep your money as punishment. You can print out your Shout Out form here and bring to Miss. Hawks.
Senior Cap & Gown Portraits
Senior Cap & Gown Portraits by Lifetouch will be held  Thursday, February 18th. Students on campus will be called down during their classes in the morning and virtual students may also come to take pictures at a scheduled time. More details to follow in next week's newsletter.

Biblical Worldview Integration

Several weeks ago, Head of School Eric Bradley sent an email to all GRACE teachers requesting they share an example of how they integrated a biblical worldview into their lessons that week. We thought our GRACE community would enjoy reading some of their responses. We plan to share a few responses a week over the next several weeks.
"The 8th graders have been working on a project exploring a list of potential contradictions in Scripture. They then had to research and defend why each of the supposed discrepancies still affirm an internally consistent Bible. On Tuesday, I played the role of an atheist using passages from each of their projects to criticize the Bible and they had to disagree with me on the fly to defend why they can still trust the Bible. I wanted to move the assignment out of the intellectual and into conversations that they will very likely have in the future with those who are critical of Scripture." - Rion Bell
"We integrated biblical connections this week by discussing a CommonLit Article about the potential effects of cell phone addiction amongst young teens. We discussed how although there are benefits to smartphones and technology, there are costs as well. The costs are potentially forgetting the blessings of family, personal friendships, and ultimately our relationship with God. Students discussed how often times smartphones take us away from our main focus. (To know God and make Him known.) They did an incredible Socratic Seminar of discussing this article. I am so proud of the students!" - Nettie Clawson
"In service classes, I stress that we serve others because Jesus was a servant and loved others. In Bible/History Learning Lab, we stress God as creator and sustainer of all life and use His Word as a blueprint for our lives. I also stress our theme, "unshakable," for this year. There is nothing too big for God! For Family & Consumer Science, I share that God created all things and all things belong to Him. Everything we have is just borrowed from Him, and we should use it to glorify God." - Brenda Hare