GCS Super Senior Spotlight: Kristina Pattison


Name: Kristina Pattison 


Years at GRACE: Four-and-a-half years


Extracurricular Activities: I did 8 shows for theater, and served as secretary for Student Council and for the National Honor Society.


Favorite class: Calculus and Spanish 


What you'll remember most about GRACE: I'll remember the growth I've made over the years and all of the people who really shaped me into myself. All of the laughter and love shared between me and my classmates and the teachers who were always there for me when I needed them, school-related or not. 


Future plans: I'll be attending NC State for a double major in electrical engineering and Spanish. I hope to get involved in a ministry where I can pursue my love for worship, and to find a theater program or club. 


Note: Congrats to Kristina for being accepted to NC State's Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program.