GCS Super Senior Spotlight: Lily Lauffer



Name: Lily Lauffer 

Years at GRACE: 4

Extracurricular Activities: Cross country, track, soccer, swimming, student council, student ambassador, and National Honors Society. 

Favorite class: It is hard to choose but because I love to read, I think my favorites have been the English classes that had book discussions as well as free reading time. I also enjoyed Bible class with Mr. Hickman. While the subjects in other classes may not have been my favorite, the teachers all were. Getting to know them has been a blessing of attending a small school.  

What you'll remember most about GRACE: I will remember the excitement of the meets/games of each sport I participated in, traveling as a team, and friendships formed from being involved in GRACE athletics. Also, some of my favorite memories at GRACE include spending mornings with Mrs. MacBain for math help and attending the Hoops for Hope games. 

Future plans: I will be attending Meredith College, where I will be running cross country. I plan to major in elementary education with a desire to continue on to graduate school to earn a degree in speech pathology for children.