GCS Super Senior Spotlight: Kathryn Robinson

Kathryn Robison

Name: Kathryn Robinson 

Years at GRACE: 13

Extracurricular Activities: I have been the stage manager for all the GRACE productions since my freshman year. I'm also co-founder and co-president of the Chemistry Club. I enjoy also being the president of National Honor Society and Yearbook Editor. 

Favorite class: AP Statistics with Mrs. Stone was what helped me realize I enjoyed Statistics, but Chemistry with Mrs. Dunning was also a lot of fun. 

What you'll remember most about GRACE: What I'll remember most will definitely be the relationships with the teachers I've had at GRACE. The one-on-one relationships I've had throughout the years are what have cultivated the community at GRACE that helped me to fully succeed. Being able to go to them for extra help or to get advice, and being confident that all of them will keep their doors open for me, is what has made the GRACE community such a welcoming place and what I will remember moving forward. I still love to go back and visit with my lower campus teachers and continue meaningful relationships with them.  No matter where I go, those strong relationships remain, and I know the teachers at GRACE continue to support and pray for me.

Future plans: Next year I will be attending UNC-Chapel Hill where I was invited into their Accelerated Research Program. I will be double majoring in Statistics & Analytics and Communication with a concentration in Media & Technology Studies and Production. After graduation, I hope to either go into statistical research that focuses more on psychology or sociology or go into a job more targeted towards the film industry. I also hope to continue onto graduate school for a master’s degree. 

Note: And extra congratulations goes to Kathryn for being named this year's Class of 2021 Valedictorian!