GCS Super Senior Spotlight: Robbie Hartsfield

Name: Robert McKinely Hartsfield III
Years at GRACE: 5th-7th and 11th-12th
Extracurricular Activities: Team captain for the GRACE Varsity Football team, National Honors Society, Writing Center Mentor, Minority Honors Society, and FCA.  
Favorite class you took at GRACE: Human Anatomy & Physiology / AP Biology with Dr. Smitley and AP Language & Composition with Mrs. Howard.
What you'll remember most about GRACE: The main thing I'll remember most about GRACE is the GRACE community as a whole. I'll always be truly thankful of the GRACE community from my teachers who helped cultivate and solidify my faith in Christ and the necessary skills to help me be successful not only for the next 4 years, but my life in general, to my athletic coaches who helped instill within me a love for the game of football, and to my fellow classmates who were always there for me and the friendships that we developed.
Future Plans: I will be attending Washington and Lee University next year, majoring in biochemistry, while on the pre-medical track. Postgraduate, I plan to attend medical school to receive my M.D with plans to become either an Interventional Cardiologist or Radiologist.
Congratulations to Robbie for receiving an athletic scholarship to play football at Washington and Lee University.