Amazing GRACE | May 11, 2021


ACSI Art Festival Winners

Congratulations to the 28 students from grades 7-12 who placed in the 2021 ACSI Art Festival. Their artworks earned 15 Excellent Red Ribbon Awards and 13 Superior Blue Ribbon Awards. See a video of their work. Congratulations GRACE art students!  2021 ACSI Winning Artworks

Azamar, Kiara – Past & future hands watercolor - SUPERIOR
Brookhart, Lindsey – “Freedom” drawing of a Ford Mustang - SUPERIOR
Carlson, Melanie – Himmeli mobile - SUPERIOR
Fisher, Hannah – Senior portfolio - SUPERIOR
Folk, Muriel – “The Cycle of a Rose” oil pastel - SUPERIOR
Giuggio, Stella – “Exposed” Self-portrait - EXCELLENT
Graham, Hannah - “Pink Flower” - SUPERIOR
Gregory, Ella – Toilet paper fast food - EXCELLENT
Henderson, Ava – “Cubist Sophia” collage- EXCELLENT
Kholobayev, Anastasia– “Gypsy Fruit” scratch art - SUPERIOR
Kim, Laura – “Impression of a Day” oil pastel - EXCELLENT
Kim, Sam - “Color Swirl” photograph - EXCELLENT
Kittelson, Elijah - “Fantasy City” graphic design - SUPERIOR
McCarthy, Billy - “Santa” graphic design - EXCELLENT
Mendez, Ava – “Night Treasure” found poetry - EXCELLENT
Mendez, Cecilia - “Pink” graphic design - EXCELLENT
Moore, Ellie - “Happy” graphic design - EXCELLENT
Robinson, Elle – Himmeli mobile - SUPERIOR
Russell, Madison – Senior portfolio - SUPERIOR
Schwindt, Adilyn - “Dress Design” graphic design - EXCELLENT
Sirhal, Charlie – Toilet tissue taco - EXCELLENT
Usher, Julia - “Computer Glow” Photograph - EXCELLENT
Walters, Will – GRACE Student Center maker pointillism - EXCELLENT
Warlick, Daniel - “Committed” Graphic Design - EXCELLENT
Whichard, Ellie – Toilet paper breakfast - EXCELLENT
Whitham, Maggie - “Ocean” photography - SUPERIOR
Wingerd, Caroline – Senior portfolio – SUPERIOR
Woodson, Emily - “City at Night” graphic design - SUPERIOR

Celebrate GRACE Auction Item Pick-Up 

Reminder: If you haven't picked up your Celebrate GRACE auction item, please contact Michelle Gill at migill@gracechristian.net to coordinate a time to collect it.

Upper Campus Exam Schedule

The end of the year is fast approaching. Please click here to view the exam schedule for our Upper Campus students.

Summer Women's Bible Study Sign-Up

Calling all GRACE ladies - since there has been enough interest, GRACE CFO Karen O'Connor will be hosting a women's Bible study at the school over the summer. To sign-up, please click here.

Yearbook Signing

The yearbooks have arrived, and they look fantastic. The staff will be sorting books for delivery on Saturday, May 8th. While the window for online ordering is closed, that does not mean it is too late to get a yearbook. Orders can be placed by bringing cash or check to the front desk along with an order form. After distribution on Thursday, the order form will not be necessary as we will fulfill orders from the supply box as long as they last. Virtual students are welcome at the on-campus yearbook signing on Thursday during 7th and 8th periods, but you may also do virtual signing through the Jostens site. Just go to jostensyearbooks.com and click on Get Started. The site will walk you through the rest.