Lower Campus Learning from Home Plans

Please be reminded that all short-term absences due to illness will still be handled as they were pre-COVID. Teachers may provide make-up work for pick-up at the front desk, but there will not be any recorded lessons or live links to instruction provided under these circumstances. 

For all Lower Campus students, whenever a quarantine is mandated due to an exposure, the required absences will need to be verified by our School Nurse, Natalie Morreale. The teachers request that parents allow for a 24-hour preparation period immediately following this verification during which the student will not have access to their materials for class.  This time period will allow teachers to prepare materials and other resources needed for the student to successfully participate in learning from home during the duration of their quarantine. Following the preparation period, students will be provided the opportunities listed below to stay caught up with their classmates:


A packet of activities will be available for pick-up at the front desk, but there will be no videos or links to live lessons provided.  All absences due to illness or mandatory quarantine will be excused.

K-6th Grade

Materials - Materials will be made available for pick-up at the front desk immediately following the 24-hour preparation period.

Access to Instruction - Daily lessons will be recorded for Math, Reading, and Bible; and, these videos will be emailed to parents (or students, if the child is in 5th grade) or posted in Google Classroom for viewing.  

Checking In - The grade level instructional assistant will check in with the student (and/or the parents) no later than the second full day at home to ensure that the student has access to everything he/she needs and to answer any questions the student or parent may have; and, the teachers will check in periodically after this initial meeting.

Assignments - All assignments provided will be due upon return from quarantine, unless the student is sick during their time away and needs an extension that is in compliance with our handbook policy on make up work.  This policy allows for twice the number of “absent” days upon return to school before assignments are due.  

Assessments - If required, assessments will need to be completed upon return to school and will not be administered at home.

Staying Connected - For extended absences, teachers will make an effort to allow students time to connect with their classmates, either through a link to the morning meeting or some other opportunity to socialize online.  For sixth grade, students will be offered some time to connect with friends at school during their Friday afternoon “Nest Time” (community building period).   

Attendance - Teachers will provide an opportunity for students who would like to be counted as present during their time away to indicate that they are actively participating in the recorded lessons and activities provided while they are at home each day.  This will be something age-appropriate, such as a daily checklist with a parent signature for the lower elementary students or a quick task/exit ticket activity for the upper elementary students. If the required evidence of participation is provided, the student will be marked as “virtually present” on that particular day.  If the required evidence is NOT provided, the student’s attendance will be marked as an “excused absence.”

Technology disclaimer: All videos, recordings, or links are for the student’s personal use only. They may not be shared for any reason or posted on any platform.