What's your why?

"What's your why?"

Last year, as we were filling out our check to send in to school for the Annual Fund, Jack asked what the money was for. We explained that we give money each year to the school because we love GRACE, believe that God is using the school for His glory, and we hope by giving, more kids like him can be a part of our school community. Without reservation, Jack asked, “Can I give too?” He went upstairs, grabbed his wallet, and put his own money in the envelope. And then his younger brother, Samuel, did the same. For them, it was simple. They love GRACE and giving to GRACE was something they did spontaneously, willingly and joyfully. It was a precious moment we won’t ever forget. -- The Barnhill Family


For the past 16 years my family has been part of GRACE Christian School, and have supported the Annual Fund. When a medical event happened to our family, we received compassion, comfort and support from the GRACE community. As a parent, I have embraced the opportunities my daughters have received from relationships with many faculty and staff members, from the educational facilities and the athletic programs. These opportunities provided them with strong values to transition into college and into a career. As an employee of GRACE for the past 14 years, I have witnessed many of our students who are able to express and explore their God given gifts and talents. What a constant reminder of the blessings of GRACE and the ways the Annual Fund can support and embrace our students and equip them for the future. I hope you too will prayerfully consider giving to the Annual Fund this year. -- Gina DeBruhl


I choose to support the Annual Fund each year because I believe in the mission of GRACE Christian School. Equipping our students for life is one of the most important things we can do. Here at GRACE, the mission statement is not just words on a page, but it impacts each decision made at our school. It is such a blessing to teach at a school that truly values each student and wants them to find the ways that God has uniquely equipped them to serve their world for Christ. -- Mrs. Julianne MacBain


The Murphy family has chosen to support the Annual Fund not only as an investment into our children’s education and spiritual development, but as an investment into the lives of future students and leaders of our communities. Our world is starving for true leaders, particularly Spirit-filled, Christ-like men and women of integrity who are uncompromising and unwavering in a biblical foundation. At GRACE, our children have the opportunity to learn leading-edge academics taught through a biblical worldview, while having organic opportunities to grow in their walk with Christ. This foundation was not built overnight. There have been countless men and women who have selflessly invested into GRACE throughout its history. The Annual Fund is an opportunity to not only give our children additional resources for today, but to build upon the foundation for future students and leaders. We hope you join us in supporting the Annual Fund this year. -- The Murphy Family


We support the Annual Fund because we appreciate the loving community that GRACE provides for our family.  Every day we see the GRACE community serving students and their families with the mission of equipping our students to impact their world for Christ.  As our oldest children have transitioned to college and beyond, the relationships that have been built with faculty and staff are a constant reminder that we are so blessed to be a part of this community.  We hope you will join us in making a gift to the Annual Fund this year. -- The Lodholz Family


One of our family's biggest honors is the opportunity to contribute to GRACE’s Annual Fund. We embrace our commitment because it is our way of giving back the many blessings that The Lord has provided to us. We feel overjoyed when we learn of the extraordinary ways that GRACE is utilizing the Annual Fund to impact the lives of students, faculty, and families. We see the impact that GRACE is making within our school with technology upgrades, playground enhancements, and Activity Building remodeling. We know that our donation is making a priceless contribution to the salvation of anyone that walks through GRACE’s doors. -- The Alicea Family


We give to the GRACE Annual Fund because we know that the money will go directly to benefit the students, teachers, and families for technology in the classrooms, picnic tables outside for lunch, improving the athletic facilities and so much more! -- The Armstrong Family


Why do I support GRACE Christian and the Annual Fund? When my family experienced the lowest point in all of our lives last December God showed up in HUGE ways through GRACE. He showed up every night at our doorstep with dinner so my family could rest. He showed up every single day in the prayers of my coworkers, students, student’s families, and the GRACE community. He showed up when my son’s teachers and coaches would text, call or email to make sure he knew he was loved, valued, and prayed for daily. He showed up in the welcoming arms of my GRACE  Christian family upon my return. He shows up everyday when I am able to wake up, enjoy my family, teach my students, and live my life. GRACE prayed us through, and we are forever grateful! -- The Stevens Family


Why do we give? We give because we remember where we have been and we see where God is taking us. -- Mrs. Penny Schaeffer





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