Should I Send My Child to Private School?

A parent’s decision on which school to choose is becoming more and more prevalent today due to cultural shifts and a further demand of importance on education. At GRACE Christian School, we understand the impact schooling has on children, not just because of their education but how they learn, who they’re learning with, and their development into adulthood. We focus on the holistic well-being of the child, recognizing the dignity of each life and we strive to provide the best tools and resources to help our students succeed in school and life.


Private school offers a better choice for children to grow than public school due to:

  • Smaller Class Size
  • Close-knit Community
  • Technology
  • College Prep Resources


Smaller Class Size

The average class size for North Carolina public schools is 24 students in elementary and middle school and 21 students in high school. The average class size at GRACE Christian is 16 students for our lower campus and 18 students for our upper campus. Having a smaller class size allows for more one-on-one instruction with the teacher for a better, personalized education.

Smaller class sizes help students from feeling like a number amongst other students and give them the space to voice opinions, ask questions, and build deeper relationships with their classmates and teachers.


Close-knit Community

Often, private schools are smaller than public schools. This allows students, teachers, and parents to get to know one another better without being lost in a sea of people. When you enroll at GRACE Christian, you belong to a whole community―a family. You’ll be surrounded by staff, parents, and students who all seek to build each other up in a positive environment.

Students are encouraged to join clubs to further build relationships with peers while exploring their interests, and parents can support their child’s experience by getting involved with parent clubs like the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PFT), Eagles Club, or Fine Arts Boosters. Even outside of extra-curriculars and academic-focused clubs, our community bonds over family fun activities and giving back, like our annual Play4Kay Basketball Charity event.



Private schools are often equipped with the latest technology in classrooms to facilitate best learning practices. At GRACE Christian, we’ve heavily invested in our technology to provide students and teachers with the best resources possible.

Each student in 4th – 6th grade has their own iPad to do schoolwork and 7th – 12th graders each have a computer to do classwork at school or at home. With the rise of digital devices, we also incorporate important lessons such as internet safety, computer literacy, and information fluency to education students on how to succeed in a digital world.


College Prep Resources

Based on the smaller class sizes and academic offerings, private schools are better able to prepare students for secondary education. A common phrase college freshmen hear is “You’re not in high school anymore.” This indicates that the level of studying increases dramatically, and students are less able to be a passive participant in their education.

Private schools are better equipped to help transition students from high school to secondary education by encouraging active participation through smaller class sizes and giving more autonomy to students in what they choose to study to create more interest in learning. Students at GRACE Christian are supported every step of the way through a variety of programs, such as:



We understand the importance of your child’s education. If you’re interested in enrolling your children in private school, consider GRACE Christian School. The enrollment period for the 2022-2023 school year is now open.