ACSI Spelling Bee and Math Olympics Honorees

math olympics
GRACE was one of of 8 schools participating in the Math Olympics. Below are our students from GRACE who placed. If they had 85% or higher for all tests combined they will receive a medal (marked those in bold). All of our participants will be recognized at our end-of-year awards ceremonies (separate ones for each campus).
3rd Computation:  Mark Robison, 1st place, medal
                               Jacob Ennis, 5th place
4th Computation:  Joel Miller, 4th place
4th Reasoning:  Thaxton Kaluka and Simon Pineda, 1st place (tie), medal 
                           Rhiannon Williams, 3rd place
5th Reasoning:  Gabe Balog, 4th place
6th Computation:  Callie Hoffler, 5th place
6th Reasoning:  Bown Nunnery, 1st place, medal 
                           Addie Vercellino, 4th place
7th Computation:  Isabela Pineda, 1st place
                             Kevin Ni, 4th place
7th Reasoning:  Finn Rassette and Aubrey Smith, 3rd place (tie)
8th Reasoning:  Calise Graham, 2nd place
                          Emmie Hand, 3rd place (tie)
                          Wyatt Savage, 4th place (tie)
spelling bee
And congratulations to the following students who placed in the ACSI Spelling Bee hosted by GRACE on February 10. Eight schools were in attendance with 169 participants.
Grace-level Bee winners:
Ava Macon - first place in first grade
Anna Stephens - fourth place in seventh grade
Emmie Hand - fourth place in eighth grade and fifth place in the Grades 5-8 Spell Off.