GRACE Christian’s Fine Arts Program is Growing

The fine arts have been shown to have a positive impact on a child's education, including improved academic performance, problem-solving abilities, self-confidence, and appreciation for diverse cultures. At GRACE, students can participate in band, dance, theater, visual art, and vocal ensemble. Each program offers unique opportunities for students to develop their creativity, teamwork skills, and appreciation for the arts. Funding for these programs comes from donors and sponsors, such as Racing ALS, who understand the important role fine arts play in education. Students are encouraged to explore their faith through their art and express their beliefs and values in creative ways. Look at all the ways that our Fine Arts Department has grown this year. 


Starting in 5th grade, our students can pick an instrument and expand their creativity. Over the past three years, our band numbers have more than doubled in size! Students participate in an array of activities, including Christmas and spring programs, which always draw a crowd eager to watch.


Students will have a hands-on learning experience in a high-energy environment within our dance program. GCS 6th, 7th, and 8th graders have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of ballet, jazz, modern dance, and choreography.


Our theater program is comprised of acting, set design, and drama productions. Recently our High School Theatre students were invited to study at Disney's Imagination Campus at Walt Disney World Resort. There, they studied theme park design and performed a scene "Colder by the Minute" from Disney's Frozen on Broadway! 

Visual Art

The visual art program is based on the understanding that God, the original Creator, is a creative God who designed mankind to be imaginative and creative. From our lower campus to our upper campus, students can explore art as an elective, hone in on drawing skills, and focus on mastering techniques and media. Our GRACE team won 1st place in all seven categories that they entered into with the GFWC-Woman's Club Art Festival!

Vocal Ensemble

Our elementary chorus and vocal ensemble program is also booming! We offer classes to include singing, movement, listening, playing with Orff instruments, and activities that include music history and elements of music. The vocal ensemble program allows students to learn more about vocal development, techniques, music reading, and ear training. Our students have even recently had the pleasure of performing at the Governor’s Mansion, State Capital, and Jordan Oaks Retirement Home.

Funding Programs

We are blessed to have such generous donors who understand the importance and pivotal role the fine arts play in students' education. Our funding for the fine arts programs comes from the GRACE Annual Fund.

We are also grateful to have annual sponsors. Thank you to Racing ALS for being the Performing Arts Presenting Sponsor for the ‘22-’23 school year! Racing for ALS started in 2018 when brothers David and Scott Lloyd decided to go racing to make memories together after David’s ALS diagnosis in October 2017. It quickly became a movement that formed itself into a racing team that worked hard to raise money for a cure, raise awareness of the impacts of the disease, and help ALS patients in need.

Embrace Creativity

We invite students to embrace their creativity by exploring the fine arts programs at GRACE Christian. Students are encouraged to explore their faith through their art and express their beliefs and values through creative works. We can express our talents to glorify our Creator and strengthen our community.