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Meet GRACE Senior Stefon McLeod

Hear more about what led Stefon to GRACE Christian School, why he values the community feel, and how God has proven himself Unshakable in Stefon's life.

Known, Valued, Loved | Meet Carter

"I always felt so comfortable sending Carter to GRACE because I felt like Mrs. Huntley saw him - and so many other kids, too - like her own son. She just cared for him in little tiny ways that were meaningful."

Listen to Carter's story...

Equipping Parents for Life: The Social Dilemma

In order to provide some thoughts on the use of technology and social media from a Christian perspective, our school counselor, Dr. Karri Hawley, our director of Christian Life, Isaiah Whelpley, and our head of school, Eric Bradley, will be holding two Equipping Parents for Life seminars for our GRACE families to discuss the documentary "The Social Dilemma."

College Connections Issue 13

Cooler weather and lower humidity don’t just signal the end of summer, they are also indicators that the college admissions season is upon us...
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