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Copy of GRACE Fund FAQs

Annual Fund

Giving to the GRACE Fund allows GRACE to sustain and expand our vision and mission. In line with independent school best practices, GRACE works from a break-even operating budget—meaning to keep our tuition costs as low as possible for our families, we do not build in extra funds to tuition costs that allow us to dramatically grow programs and improve facilities.

This is why the GRACE Fund is so critical to our growth and success as a school. Our GRACE Fund enables us to expand and improve our campus community without impacting our operating budget. Additionally, when applying for outside financial support and grants, these constituents request information about giving within the school. High levels of GRACE Fund participation on behalf of our families, staff, and board demonstrate a deep commitment to the mission of the school and increase the likelihood of receiving additional funding from external sources.

The GRACE Fund has made a huge impact on school improvement and facilities. Here is what last year's GRACE Funds were used for:

  • Lower campus science lab upfit with tables and chairs, academic curriculum and professional development for our teachers.
  • Upper campus received outdoor picnic tables, a new classroom and office renovations.
  • Facility improvements for both campuses including landscaping, parking lot signage, parking lot striping, and fire doors.
  • Athletic improvements to the field, new football and lacrosse equipment, uniforms, athletic trainers and bleachers. 
  • Technology implementation of Blackbaud and a new IT Firewall with a 3 year security license.
  • Fine arts instruments, art equipment, theater mics, lights and curtains.
  • Teacher professional development and Friendzy - SEL Program materials.
  • Rise Hunger Now community service event for 7th graders.
  • Security cameras, benches and security doors. 
  • District C instructor training.
  • A new 14-passenger bus.
  • Quasi-Endowment Savings.

To see previous GRACE Fund purchases, click here.

The GRACE Fund is not only the mechanism that allows GRACE to respond to unexpected issues as they arise, but it also provides much-needed funds to go toward school improvements and additions.

For 2023-2024, we would like to use Annual Fund contributions toward projects such as:

  • Lower Campus - Orton-Gillingham Training for Teachers, iPads, Outdoor Classroom Picnic Tables, Garden Beautification, Student Desks, Library Bins, Rolling Tables, and Playground Netting 
  • Upper Campus - JSTOR Scholarly Database, Student Center Permanent Seating, Learning Wall, and Curriculum 
  • Spiritual Life - Biblical Worldview Training for Teachers and Parents 
  • Athletics - Practice Field Fencing, Security, Changing Shelter, Equipment Storage, Sign Over Bleachers, Turf Netting, Upgrade Press Box and LCD Scorers Table 
  • Fine Arts - Band Equipment, Sound Panels for the Band Room, Art Equipment, Stage Lights, Curtains, and Sound in the Chapel 
  • Security - Security Vehicle, Safety Glass, and Security Benches 
  • Technology - Blackbaud Initiative 
  • Transportation - Utility Cart

Absolutely! Every GRACE student – from TK to our seniors – has greatly benefited from the generosity of GRACE Fund giving.

For perspective, the GRACE Fund has purchased:

  • athletic equipment, uniforms, provided athletic trainers and made improvement to the Athletic fields.
  • new tables and chairs for the science lab on the Lower Campus
  • outdoor picnic tables, recreational equipment and pickleball courts on the Upper Campus
  • a new 14-passenger bus
  • safety doors, security camera and protection measures on both campuses.
  • curriculum and professional development for our teachers. 
  • integration of Blackbaud and a new Firewall for protection
  • Band Instruments, art supplies, and theater lights, curtains and mics.
  • SEL (social-emotional learning) Curriculum for Lower Campus students.
  • ...and much more!

Yes. All gifts to GRACE Christian School are tax-deductible, as permitted by law. At the end of the year, GRACE will generate an acknowledgment letter stating your giving amounts, which can be used as documentation when filing your taxes.

Our goal is that for GRACE’s GRACE Fund, we can proudly say: All Families, All In. Whether you can give $50 or $50,000, each and every gift from a GRACE family is celebrated with equal joy. 

Many companies generously offer charitable gift matching for their employees. Matching donations or gifts are free money that many nonprofits often miss out on because of limited information from donors’ employers, complex corporate giving programs, and the process itself is usually unknown for employees. Check below to see if your company participates in charitable gift matching.

I still have some questions.

No problem! We would love to talk with you more about giving to the GRACE Fund. Please contact Michele Bandy at [email protected] to set up a meeting to learn more about opportunities for giving back to GRACE.