Fine Arts » Dance


Students in middle school have the opportunity to participate in dance as an elective course.

6th Grade Dance Elective

Students will learn to praise the Lord through the art of dance. The course will provide basic dance techniques while focusing on the fundamentals of ballet, modern, jazz and choreography. Dancers will cultivate strength and artistry while glorifying the Lord.  Students will have a hands-on learning experience in a high-energy environment.  Opportunities will exist to perform at several GRACE functions. Dance is open to all students regardless of past experience.

7th-8th Grade Theatre Dance Elective

Students will study and develop the dance styles associated with musical theatre in a high-energy environment. As a class, the students will explore how dance and movement are critical to the performance quality of a show. Students will learn the development of characters while growing their dance technique and terminology. Students will be exploring the use of coordination patterns within the theme and variation of dance, all while glorifying the Lord.