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Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch meals are $7.00 and can be ordered for your student through FACTS.

  • Lower Campus meals: everyday (5 days/week)
  • Upper Campus meals: everyday (5 days/week)
*Exceptions for both campuses: half days, early dismissal days, and as otherwise noted on the Hot Lunch Calendar


Please remember to check the Hot Lunch Calendar for field trips or other reasons your student would not be eating at GRACE, for Hot Lunch should not be ordered on those days. Refunds will not be give for missed lunches unless in extenuating COVID related circumstances. Please contact Marlene Brown with any questions.

If your student has any food allergies, please contact the Hot Lunch Coordinators:

to confirm the meal does not contain food allergens before placing your order. 


Online Lunch Ordering Instructions thru ParentsWeb

  • Login to your FACTS Family Portal account. (Note: Our district code is “GRACE-NC”)
  • Click on STUDENT INFORMATION located left column of page.
  • Click on LUNCH
  • Go to top right of the calendar and click on CREATE WEB ORDER (Note: please wait for your order to load.  This may take up to one to two minutes. If you have more than one student enrolled, you will be able to order for each one.)
  • The Lunch Order Form page will appear. Click on the arrow beside your student’s name. 
  • Choose and select daily items by hovering your mouse/cursor over the quantity box and click the up/down arrow to enter your choice and quantity
  • When finished ordering, scroll down and click SUBMIT ORDER. Wait for it to process. (Note: This may take up to one to two minutes.)
  • Confirm and pay, choose your payment method, and click AUTHORIZE PAYMENT.
  • When your order is processed, you will see "Your order has been made successfully."

You will receive an email confirmation stating your payment was received

** Unless you follow these steps, your order will not process correctly ** To confirm that the order has been processed correctly, you can return to the lunch calendar to verify that the days you ordered appear in “blue.”

Hot Lunch Make-Up Policy for School Cancellations

If GRACE is closed for a snow day, hurricane day, or other unexpected/unplanned reason on a day when you have ordered a hot lunch for your student, a make-up day will be included on the next ordering cycle.

In an ordering cycle that includes a make-up day, the day will be designated as an INCLEMENT WEATHER MAKE-UP DAY for the date that is being made up. The same meal that was missed will be ordered on this day and no new orders will be accepted. If there is more than one missed day, there will be an equal number of make-up days included in the next ordering cycle.

Please note that the make-up day will not necessarily be the same day of the week as the missed day. Due to the limitations of FACTS, the make-up day will not show up as a purchased day on the calendar; you will need to make note of it.

Hot Lunch Ordering Windows

Each month an “ordering window” opens, allowing you to place a hot lunch order for the next month. Make sure you place your order by 4:00 pm on the last day of the window to ensure that your student will receive hot lunch in the designated month.  





Open Date

Close Date


























Links to our Hot Lunch Vendor’s Websites for Nutritional Information