2020 ACSI Art Festival Winners

Congratulations to the 78 students from grades 3-12 who placed in the 2020 ACSI Art Festival. This year’s festival was canceled, but the artworks had already been judged before COVID-19 closed the school buildings. 

GRACE Upper Campus student artworks earned: four Good Awards, nine Excellent Red Ribbon Awards, eighteen Superior Blue Ribbon Awards, and eight Best of Show Awards for perfect scores from every judge in every category.

GRACE 3rd-6th grade student artworks earned: eighteen Good Awards, thirteen Excellent Red Ribbon Awards, six Superior Blue Ribbon Awards and one Best of Show.

Congratulations GRACE art Students!

2020 ACSI Artworks for grades 7-12

Azamar, Kiara – abstract foam carving – SUPERIOR
Ballance, Tanner – bottle top tree – SUPERIOR
Bradley, Amelia – digital art self-portrait – BEST OF SHOW
Cabaniss, Lauren – self-portrait – EXCELLENT
Carlson, Melanie – mountains silk circle – SUPERIOR
Chapman, Payton – flower select color photograph – BEST OF SHOW
DeBruhl, Sophia – mask – EXCELLENT
Fontaine, Taylor – candle photograph – GOOD
Giuggio, Stella – candy colored pencil drawing – EXCELLENT
Glenn, Mia – favorite movies word art – EXCELLENT
Grinstead, Lexi – dog bottle top sculpture – EXCELLENT
Hakovirta, Armas – raindrop photograph – GOOD
Hendges, Koen – glass fused dish – EXCELLENT
Hudson, Michelle – paper quilling – SUPERIOR
Jia, Vivian – waterlily pastel drawing – SUPERIOR
Johnson, Ana – flower design – SUPERIOR
Kholobayev, Anastasia – abstract foam carving – SUPERIOR
Kyritsis, Ryan – gradient city design – SUPERIOR
Laakso, Haley – triangle 80’s design – SUPERIOR
Lin, Jane – waterlily pastel drawing – EXCELLENT
McDowell, Ellie – watercolor photograph- GOOD
McNutt, Zachary – science pattern design – EXCELLENT
Meeson, Kate – watercolor self-portrait – SUPERIOR
Meeson, Zoe – string art – SUPERIOR
Mendez, Ava – seahorse silk circle – BEST OF SHOW
Poprocki, Ava – candy colored pencil drawing – SUPERIOR
Poprocki, Isaac – glass fused dish – SUPERIOR
Robinson, Elle- glass fused dish – SUPERIOR
Robinson, Lee – watercolor painting – BEST OF SHOW
Roycroft, Julia – corn photograph – BEST OF SHOW
Russell, Madison – mixed media self-portrait – BEST OF SHOW
Saenz, Samantha – mixed media self-portrait – SUPERIOR
Sharda, Rebecca – Einstein pen & ink drawing – SUPERIOR
Swecker, Hannah – spray paint self-portrait – BEST OF SHOW
Taylor, Jacob – mask – SUPERIOR
Tessneer, Leah Beth – fair photograph – EXCELLENT
Till, Jonathan – milkshake/shave cream photograph – BEST OF SHOW
Wingerd, Caroline – mixed media self-portrait – GOOD
Wingerd, Lauren – string art – SUPERIOR

2020 ACSI Artworks for grades 3-6

Arledge, Avery — Monochromatic Winter Painting – GOOD
Armstrong, Elise — “Falling for Foreshortening” – EXCELLENT
Barnes, Kennedy — Colorful Animal Portrait – BEST IN SHOW
Barry, Madison — Colorful Animal Portrait – EXCELLENT
Bradley, Audrey — Monochromatic Winter Painting – GOOD
Broadwell, Michael — NC Wildlife Drawing – EXCELLENT
Brooks, Bee — NC Wildlife Drawing – EXCELLENT
Bynum, Kylie — Monochromatic Winter Painting – EXCELLENT
Clugston, Bauer — Monochromatic Winter Painting – GOOD
Crow, Vivi — NC Wildlife Drawing – EXCELLENT
Dayton, Claire — Faux Stained Glass – SUPERIOR
Gausmann, Matthew — Impressionist landscape – SUPERIOR
Graham, Mira — Impressionist landscape – GOOD
Hairr, Jack — Monochromatic Winter Painting – EXCELLENT
Hardy, Elise — Candy Cane Drawing – EXCELLENT
Harris, Jordan — Colorful Animal Portrait – GOOD
Hawley, Walker — Self-Portrait with Sunglasses – GOOD
Holland, Veda — Faux Stained Glass – GOOD
Kemp, Lorelei — NC Wildlife Drawing – EXCELLENT
Kittelson, Elijah — Colorful Animal Portrait – SUPERIOR
Lanning, Zane — NC Wildlife Drawing – GOOD
McMillan, Emerson — Faux Stained Glass – GOOD
Meredith, Anna — Colorful Animal Portrait – EXCELLENT
Olaitan, Loveth — NC Wildlife Drawing – GOOD
O’Rourke, Anabelle — Impressionist landscape – GOOD
Pietz, Hudson — NC Wildlife Drawing – GOOD
Plantan, Sloan — Monochromatic Winter Painting – GOOD
Powell, Lily — Colorful Animal Portrait – SUPERIOR
Quirk, Eden — Monochromatic Winter Painting – GOOD
Ritter, Ella — Colorful Animal Portrait – EXCELLENT
Savage, Wyatt — Self-Portrait with Sunglasses – GOOD
Schwindt, Adilyn — Colorful Animal Portrait – GOOD
Shibley, Grace — “Falling for Foreshortening” – EXCELLENT
Smith, Dillon — Candy Cane Drawing – SUPERIOR
Solomon, Micah — Monochromatic Winter Painting – GOOD
Stephens, Anna — Faux Stained Glass – GOOD
Taylor, Zachary — Impressionist landscape – SUPERIOR
Vercellino, Addison — Impressionist landscape – EXCELLENT
Woodworth, Caralyn — Monochromatic Winter Painting – GOOD

GRACEVLE Week 1: Artwork

Our GRACE students are having a blast working on their at-home art assignments. Check out their work below!

GRACE art students win big at the 2020 Raleigh GFWC Arts Festival

Congratulations GRACE art students! We had 46 GRACE artworks, photographs, and graphic designs from middle school and high school students place in the 2020 Raleigh GFWC Arts Festival. The Arts Festival is billed as the largest Arts recognition program for young people in North Carolina and is in its 50th year.

All 1st and 2nd place winning entries of each category will advance to the District VI Arts Festival that will be held on Saturday, February 15th, as a private juried event at First Baptist Church in downtown Raleigh.  District first place winners will advance to the GFWC-NC State Arts Festival which will be held March 14th in Mebane, NC. 

We are so proud of each and every one of our GRACE artists!  Please join us in congratulating them.


Max Tomlinson – 1st middle school digitally enhanced photography

Giselle Nico – 1st middle school computer graphics

Elle Robinson – 1st middle school ceramics

Mina Li – 1st middle school creative stitchery

Heidi Rogers – 1st middle school jewelry

Lena Giuggio – 1st middle school pastel drawing

Emma Donovan – 1st middle school watercolors

Caroline Wingerd – 1st high school metal craft

Jacob Taylor – 1st high school papercraft

Michelle Hudson – 1st high school creative stitchery

Lee Robinson – 1st high school dye craft

Rebecca Sharda – 1st high school jewelry

Lily Rutledge – 1st high school glass craft

Melanie Carlson – 1st high school pastel drawing

Kathryn Robinson – 1st high school black & white photography

Kathryn Robinson– 1st high school color photography

Zoe Meeson – 2nd middle school ceramics

Emma Donovan – 2nd middle school creative stitchery

Lena Giuggio – 2nd middle school jewelry

Jessica Fassino – 2nd middle school pastel drawing

Asha Mathew Powers – 2nd middle school watercolors

Sage Collier – 2nd middle school pen & ink drawing

Lauren Cabaniss – 2nd high school papercraft

Stella Giuggio – 2nd high school decorative painting

Sophia Ciancarelli – 2nd high school dye craft

Caroline Wingerd – 2nd high school glass craft

Sophia Ciancarelli – 2nd high school pastel drawing

Stella Giuggio – 2nd high school sculpture

Rebecca Sharda – 2nd high school pen & ink drawing

Ire Debayo-Doherty – 2nd high school black & white photography

Jonathan Till – 2nd high school digitally enhanced photography

Madison Russell – 2nd high school computer graphics

Ellie McDowell – 3rd middle school color photography

Ben Anderson – 3rd middle school computer graphics

Lauren Wingerd – 3rd middle school ceramics

Sally Perez– 3rd middle school creative stitchery

Gabrielle Morris– 3rd middle school jewelry

Isaac Poprocki– 3rd middle school pastel drawing

Avrie Lanning– 3rd middle school pen & ink drawing

Elle Robinson– 3rd middle school graphite pencil drawing

Kasey Gower – 3rd high school wood craft

Nathaniel Grieci – 3rd high school decorative painting

Jacob Taylor – 3rd high school nature craft

Sophia DeBruhl – 3rd high school jewelry

Hannah Swecker – 3rd high school glass craft

Caroline Wingerd – 3rd high school pastel drawing

Auditions: The Secret Garden

Auditions for The Secret Garden, by Sylvia Ashby, adapted from Frances Hodgson Burnett classic will be held on August 15th and 16th from 3:30-5:00pm in the Upper Campus Chapel. Students must attend both days of auditions. All students auditioning must prepare a one minute dramatic monologue and will be asked to complete a cold reading from the script.

Please do not audition if you are unable to commit to regular attendance at rehearsals, unable to attend the week of tech and dress rehearsals in their entirety, and/or unable to attend both performance dates.

  • Rehearsals will begin on August 22nd and run most days after school  from 3:30- 5:15pm until the end of the performances.
  • Tech and Dress Rehearsals will be every day from October 17th-23rd and are mandatory.
  • Performance dates are Thursday, October 24th and Saturday, October 26th.

Overview of The Secret Garden from the Samuel French Inc. website
Mary Lennox, a sullen and spoiled young orphan, is sent to live with her brooding uncle at gloomy Misselthwaite Manor. Discovering a hidden, neglected garden, Mary plants the seeds of new life for all those drawn into her secret refuge. A wonderful story of transformation, from the author of the immensely popular Anne of Green Gables.