GRACE Artists

Congratulations GRACE art students! We had 34 GRACE artworks place in the 2018 Raleigh GFWC Arts Festival. All 1st and 2nd place winning entries will advance to the District VI Arts Festival that will be held on Saturday, February 10th, as a private juried event.  District first place winners will advance to the GFWC-NC State Arts Festival. I am so proud of each and every one of the GRACE artists!  Please join me in congratulating them!

GFWC City Level Winners:

Decorative Painting

  • Russell, Madison – 1st place Decorative Painting
  • Saenz, Christina – 3rd place Decorative Painting

Metal Craft

  • Pinzauti, Sofia – 1st place Metal Craft


  • Mendez, Ava – 1st place Ceramics
  • Carlson, Melanie – 2nd place Ceramics
  • Marx, Cam – 3rd place Ceramics
  • Payne, Olivia – 3rd place Ceramics

Creative Stitchery

  • Litavecz, Rachael – 1st place Creative Stitchery
  • Gower, Bri – 1st place Creative Stitchery
  • Pinzauti, Sofia – 2nd place Creative Stitchery
  • Epperly, Erica – 2nd place Creative Stitchery
  • Fontaine, Taylor – 3rd place Creative Stitchery


  • Rhoads, Madison – 2nd place Painting

Wood Craft

  • Arruza, Lela – 1st place Wood Craft
  • Payne, Olivia – 2nd place Wood Craft
  • Gower, Chloe – 3rd place Wood Craft

Nature Craft

  • Arruza, Lela – 1st place Nature Craft
  • Arruza, Lela – 2nd place Nature Craft

Glass Art

  • Pinzauti, Sofia – 1st place Glass Art
  • Litavecz, Rachael – 2nd place Glass Art
  • Arruza, Lela – 3rd place Glass Art


  • Swecker, Hannah – 1st place Beadwork
  • Arruza, Lela – 2nd place Beadwork
  • Wingerd, Caroline – 3rd place Beadwork

Paper Craft

  • Arruza, Lela – 2nd place Paper Craft
  • Arruza, Lela – 3rd place Paper Craft

Dye Craft

  • Billings, Hannah – 1st place Dye Craft
  • Feagans, Anna – 2nd place Dye Craft
  • Litavecz, Rachael – 3rd Place Dye Craft

Colored Pencil Drawing

  • Carlson, Melanie – 2nd place Colored Pencil Drawing

Pastel Drawing

  • Fetterolf, Hannah – 1st place Pastel Drawing
  • Porter, Danielle – 2nd place Pastel Drawing
  • Walters, Will – 3rd place Pastel Drawing

Graphite Pencil Drawing

  • Robinson, Elle – 2nd place Graphite Pencil Drawing

Peter Pan Tickets On Sale Now

The GRACE Theatre Department is pleased to present Peter Pan, the everlasting classic account of two boys and a girl who follow Peter Pan and the invisible fairy Tinker Bell into Neverland, where children never grow old and where Captain Hook and his pirates are outwitted. NOTE: This is the original NON-MUSICAL version. 

Tickets are now on sale at

Performances will be Thursday, October 12th at 7:00pm and Saturday, October 14th at 2:00pm and 7:00pm.